sketching: dogs

Back to my sketching - working from 52 Drawing Labs by Carla Sonheim (my new fun book) and today I worked on exercise #6, drawing an image repetitively on index cards.  I didn't have index cards but do have an abundance of postcard paper.  Her example in the book was of a dog, so I imitated her subject and did a series of quick sketches.  Some look more sheep like than dog like, but the exercise was so NOT intimidating that I totally forgot I was trying to draw a dog and just had fun.

Cute little things, huh?  Except the sheepy ones of course.  Moving forward with sketching...YAY!  I'm sharing my little pups with Creative Every Day and the flickr group Draw, Sketch, Doodle.


  1. They're adorable Terrie!! So nicely done! They remind me of Finnegan (from Mr. Dress Up) :-)

  2. Lovely sketches, love your sheep/ dog! Valerie

  3. Oh they are adorable!!!
    Good for you, doing your sketching everyday!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun ..and some of them look adorable!


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