zentangle: undine#53

Laura is back after her holiday break with a new challenge and a new tangle: Undine (as in "undying" love) for her weekly Diva challenge.  She shares the steps for Undine on her post.

Tangles used top:  nightsbridge, n'zeppel, mooka, echoism, undine (2 versions), tipple and a filler; 
bottom: paradox, undine, brix and fishnet.

This is a very versatile pattern and very open to tangelation and experimentation.  Click over there and see how others have adapted the tangle.


  1. Great tiles! I like the curves in one of the top interpritations. This tangle is so changeable that it is sometimes hard to identify it! I had fun looking at some of the other entries too... I am totally in love with your watercolors of trees! I had an art professor who once arrived late to class because he got distracted by the beautiful light and the way the trees looked that day. He canceled any sculpture we had planned for the day and sent us outside with paper and charcoal to 'draw the trees!'.

  2. Very nice. I love the way you layered patterns - it makes cadent look transparent. It must be the Explorer in you! :-)

  3. These are wonderful Terrie! I've been wondering if I have the patience to try one of these....one day... :-)

  4. I love the weave effect in the undine, and the transparent cadent - well done!

  5. I love the second one. It's wonderful!


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