texture tuesday: open

Kim Klassen is again hosting her popular Texture Tuesday where we're encouraged to use her FREE textures to add to our photos to hopefully enhance them.  Today's theme:  open.

My original photo:

I started by using an Action I picked up somewhere called Whipped Cream which basically adds a bunch of layers automatically adjusting colors and contrast etc. giving me a brighter, softer look.  Then I added Kim's Magic Canvas texture at soft light 84% and Annabelle texture at hard light 100%.  I erased a bit around the flowers and cup and added my quote.

The open theme was picked up in two ways - my open book in the photo and in my quote.  As I see it now in the post I'm thinking the music edge is too dominant and need to fade that out a bit.  Be sure to visit Texture Tuesday if you have a minute...or better yet, play along.


  1. beautiful composition and colors. I love what the texture does here

  2. How fun to see some nice bright colors this time of year when everything is brown outside.


  3. such a pretty image... even without the texture!

    i used that same texture on my image for this week's t.t.

    lovely blog... following now.

  4. I haven't popped in for yonks & look what I'm missing! Love the quote (never heard it before) & artwork & the cartoons in your last post are so cute! Pleased I dropped by for a little inspiration :)


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