sketching: mug

Continuing - #4 is to sketch a mug.  This was HARD for me....symmetrical is hard, curves are hard, getting the pattern remotely curved was hard and largely unsuccessful I think.  Who'd think drawing a simple mug would be so hard???

I added a little color this time then a touch of water to my Inktense pencils and that smudged...ah well.  Now if you want to see how to REALLY draw a mug or teacup, visit Tracey Fletcher King - now she's the master of teacups!

As long as I had the sketching stuff out, I also tackled IA (Inspiration Avenue) challenge which is "damask".  Now that's unusual!  As an interior designer, I was really glad to see the damask pattern updated by scaling it so big that it became a statement pattern.  The variety is infinite, the commonality is curvy, organic shapes.  So, here's my doodley damask.

It's titled "An Exercise in Symmetry" - which I suck at, but this flowy curvaceous pattern was sure fun to make up!  I'm also submitting it to the Sketchbook Challenge whose monthly theme for January is Doodles.

read: a gift book from my son A Game of Thrones
taste:  ice cold water
see:  frayed edges on my jammies
hear:  Adam Lambert
touch:  soft velour
think:  what to do on day off tomorrow
feel:  sore muscles from beginning to exercise again

Thanks to Monica at Bohemian Twilight for the idea - she ends every post with some or all of these.... I think it's a good way to be in touch with your "present".


  1. There is nothing simple about drawing a mug and yours is totally beautiful Terrie. Enjoy the weekend, x

  2. Thanks for the shout out Terri and I love your mugs... Those inktense are tricky aren't they... keep trying to get on top of them but they are giving me a headache... we will have to encourage each other to hang in there... loved Game of Thrones by the way... taking the third and fourth in the series on holiday with me today... Phoebe is reading the second so we are all in them together... hope you love them as much as we have... have a great week xx

  3. Drawing curves and round shapes are NOT easy - well done! I love your entry for our IA challenge!

  4. The simplicity of a mug makes it deceptively difficult to draw. I love the color you put on the first one, even though it smudged a bit. No matter!

    And I love your damask doodle. So creative!

  5. Very nice damask sketch. Also enjoyed reading what you were doing....good idea.

  6. Free sketching is definitely a well tuned art. I loved your sketch and I look forward to getting to visiting your blog more often. I am off to see your etsy shop now. Nice work!



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