butterfly effect: layers

This prompt is totally easy and fun (see Butterfly Effect for more layer fun) - I've been working through Traci Bautista's Doodling class for Strathmore (free!) and it's all about layers.  Here are a few I've made:

First one on 12x12 canvas:

I did a couple more that were started from the "leftover" paint on my stencils or brushes while creating the one above:

Traci's second set of video lessons started with a watercolor base and since I love my watercolors I thought this would be easier.  Not.

Here I tried the scribble writing with a marker but really felt like it's just a jumbled mess.  Nothing I like goin' on here so covered much of it up with green & yellow - still not lovin' it.

Covered it up even more and started in with the swirls.  I'm calling it done - there are some bits here and there that I like and will build on in a future effort.

My favorite result came here - it's on 15x20 watercolor paper - the biggest project I've done.
Started out with some vertical swatches of color and the stenciling, both of which I like - seems like a good beginning.....so I added my next layers:

Added some doodles.....

Wanted to color block it but oops - that blue - it totally obscured all the cool stenciling underneath!  BAD.....but don't give up, persevere, move forward......

Fixed the blue, more doodles, now it's ready for the addition of the black and white detailing...

This one has grown on me - there are certain parts I really love: the play of colors and shapes and the layers peeking through here and there.  If you're still with me through this long post, here are a couple quick detail shots - lovin' those layers!

Show us your layers!


  1. Very colourful, you have been busy! Valerie

  2. Oh, love them all! Great layers! I can see you were having fun wiith it. :)

  3. Terrie, these are great! I love how you showed us every step & it's amazing how the painting/doodle comes to life when you add black & white. It just seems to balance everything out. You did a great job on these. Looks like so much fun... xoxo

  4. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Ooh, I really like the color-blocked one--very nice, may be my favorite. ALL of these are so much fun! I felt the same difficulty with the watercolor portion of the workshop, but can see that I learned a lot in all of the segments. Happy doodling :)

  5. WOW! and I thought I was being over zealous today doing 3 journal pages lol. All your pieces are just fabulous...love the colour palette on them all :D XXX

  6. Love them all! All of the pieces are different, and the colors are awesome!
    I made some flowers on top of layers of paint on my art journal pages this week. I usually paint around my drawing, not on top of my paint. It was awesome for me. Your process reminded me of that!!
    I love your work!!

  7. I think it's so cool the way isolating one bit of a larger painting can reframe (both literally and in the way you feel about the piece). I think this is why I end up cutting up a lot of my paintings! I love watching your layers build up.

  8. Wonderful layers and gorgeous pieces of art. I love to see 'how it happens'.

  9. Somebody was really on a roll with this one!!! They are all great :0)

  10. Funky stuff! You really got into it & the results are fantastic!


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