butterfly effect: quote

Use a quote in your art.  Now there's a prompt I can get behind!  I love quotes and have lists of them (I love making lists) so the challenge here was choosing just one.

I had this simple background started but with no specific direction, so I decided to make my quote the direction. It's kind of like a journal page only it's not in my journal but I used it to explore some layer ideas.

Experimenting with the mixed media stuff still so it's got watercolor, acrylic, stencils, spritzed craft paint, marker and whiteout pen.  Wish I'd thought out how I was going to write the quote more completely so it didn't look so scrambled....

And how could I not include a photograph with a quote?  I love illustrating a favorite quote with a photograph and I think this first one is my fave quote of all time.....

Both of these are available in my start-up ETSY shop.

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  1. All wonderful creations and loving those great quotes. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I really love the effect of that last one Terrie!
    Stay inspired!

  3. Your non-journal journal page looks beautiful, I like the colors, brilliant and happy. Those two photos are gorgeous, and I love those quotes. Congrats on your new Etsy store - I'll check it out and add you to my circle.

  4. Love that quote! And you did a great job with the layering on the canvas. :)

  5. Love it and your quotes are so magnificent!

  6. Hey terrie,
    These are cool, i really like them.
    I see in your 'about me' that you are a voracious reader. I'd love to swap short lists of our favorite books.
    i'm always hoping for a few good recommendations. i'm a bookworm myself :)

  7. Soooo pretty :D XXX

  8. All wonderful pieces Terrie! I see some of Traci Bautista's Doodles Unleashed class coming through in the multimedia piece perhaps?? I am addicted to quotes and have them bookmarked and listed all over the place. There's just so much wisdom in the world! xx

  9. Oh wow Terri...I love your flower photos!! I want to do something similar with some of mine...what programme do you use and how do you do it???

  10. Terrie your work is beautiful & your second quote made me tear up, no wonder it's your favourite quote of all time... I'll have to check your shop, congrats on starting up with Etsy :)

  11. PS Just back marked your shop as a fav so it will come up on my Etsy when you add products :) very exciting, go well :)

  12. These are beautiful images, good luck with your new shop :)


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