woyww #5

It's Wednesday so it must be time to share my workspace photo for WOYWW.  I actually got back in there this week and starting playing around after watching Traci Bautista's new videos for Strathmore.  She demonstrates how she makes a mixed media painting using such a wide variety of mark making tools so of course, I wanted to try.  Mine are in early stages but that's what's on the table (along with a jar of dirty water and some miscellaneous pieces from a quick card making venture yesterday).

I'm working on a 12x12 canvas and two sheets of watercolor paper (though only one is here for some reason).  Traci explains that whenever she uses a stencil or stamp on a main piece, she always rolls or stamps off the excess ink/paint on a second piece to use later to cut up or use in some way.  So that's what I'm doing.....

Here are the first stages:

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  1. Hi there Terrie,

    You'll have to post the finished product. It's looking very interesting so far!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  2. Looks like fun. I love mixed media.
    Show us what you do with it.
    Pat #137

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Looking good! I wish I'd had some of that circular mesh--that makes a great pattern!

  4. Thanks to you, I signed up for this class. I am going to watch the videos this weekend after I finish my IA project. I am impressed with what you have done. Doodles aren't exactly my thing, but I feel I can make BIG doodles like Traci makes. Have a great rest of WOYWW (#3).

  5. I've done one piece for this class and want to do another. It's a lot of fun, and it did get better the more I added on! I also bought some stuff to make textures with as I did not have too much of those available. A wonderfully blessed new year to you and your family! Patsy from

  6. I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW

    LOu P

  7. Uhhhhh what a desk of fun!!! Makes me want to come play at yours lol! xxx

  8. I love what you are doing there with those backgrounds! Wonderful colours. I hope they are still on your desk next week so we can see what happens next!


  9. Very interesting - I was going to start on my art journal this week and maybe I should use those techniques! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Ooh terrie, nothing like getting stuck in straight away! I had the same advice about rubbing , 'cleaning' off on a second piece this very week and at least ican say I'm doing that...but only with used sponges and stamps!!

  11. Lookin great Terri! I'm taking her class too but have only seen the first video so far. Need to get going with it!

  12. Everything you are working on it definitely interesting. I know I have seen my scrap paper that gets all the stamp off and scribbles on it come out looking like it would be fun to play with so it is a good idea to make a habit of doing so. I don't tend to doodle or just practice as I rarely have time and almost always have a specific project. I like your free-wheeling attitude!


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