week 13 for 365-2 (part 2)

March 24-30 - Here's the wrap up for week 13.

#87 - documented life theme for this week is to have someone else draw on your page - hmmm guess I'll ask Dan...wonder if I can get him to scribble, draw or glue something down.......
So, look at this adorable bird Dan drew!  Who knew?  He has real skills! :)  You can see from the journal side of the layout that we had one nice sunny day and RAIN the rest of the week.  Sigh.  Spring in Seattle.... better than the snow some of you are still getting!

#88 - I did about 20+ pages in my restraint journal. This is a simple journal to keep inspirational pics enhanced with a few scraps from my table....quick and no-thought and a great place to turn when I'm searching for a kick start.  These particular pieces are using gelli prints and I'm always looking for ways to use what I make with gelli......

#89 - a couple more 'map' theme cards for MMSA.  I wanted to make more and more but Karen wisely set a limit of 4 per theme so the rest of my map cards will be just hitting other mailboxes because I think they're fun to make!
Hope you're finding time to stay creative - Actually I know many of you are because I read your blogs and find inspiration and motivation and reasons to keep moving forward each time I read them.  What a great community!


  1. Dan's bird is fabulous...that puts him ahead in the husband's one-upmanship thingy. Getting Richard to draw something would be like drawing teeth (no pun intended). Your ICE collages are fabulous!...they are online now.

  2. Cute bird! I haven't done that one yet so maybe I'll see if I can get Steve to do something. Altho I'll prolly have more luck with my art friend Rhonda who's coming for a sleep-over arty weekend next Sunday. Those circles are great with the rain drops. You're quite creative with your ADL journal. Mine is sort of languishing.

    Love that restraint journal page! Especially the bottom part with the bee. That kind of journal is a good idea. I certainly have enough journals laying around so maybe I'll start one.

    Your maps cards are neat. The bottom right one is like a log cabin quilt block. Nice. And I like that you post twice a week now.


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