week 10 for 365-2 (part 2)

Wrapping up this week's (Mar 3-9) artsy endeavors:

#66 - I had a lovely first art day with a friend (Kathy) and finally got my gelli plate out again.  It's been so long I've forgotten most of what I had figured out so it was a very 'beginner' session.  I did end up with some pretty cool prints though.

#67 - some play in my art journal - this is a gray/black smoosh 'print' on deli paper ala Jane Davies, glued to the journal and stamped over with a found lid from my walk a couple weeks ago.  Love the possibilities here.

#68 - purple and green mail art for the next MMSA theme

Hope you had a marvelous, relaxing weekend and are ready to creatively tackle whatever comes your way this coming week.  Make time to enjoy art!


  1. #67 really appeals to me. Love those confident, expressive brushstrokes.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh gelli #2 I just love....xox

  3. I quite like that first gelli print and the turq and black smoosh print. So fun to have a friend over, isn't it? Too bad you're so durn far away...

  4. a week to be proud of. great pieces Terrie. love your jane-esque page! xx


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