something in the air

I have been looking back through old issues of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Somerset Studios, etc.  There are some REALLY fabulous ideas in those magazines and I totally forget them after I've read the issue.  I'm trying to figure out some way to remind myself of particular issues or subjects or images for future reference.

There must be something in the air because as I was browsing, I came across an article that reinforces the 'reflections' on being an artist that I shared last week.  These quotes and articles seem to be catching my attention lately and I know it's often an ongoing thought/issue for many of us.....when or if we should call ourselves the "a" word (not THAT "a" word - artist!).   :)

Somerset Studio, January 2012 issue, The Shadow of Excuses by Quinn McDonald:

"An artist does not have to make a full-time living from producing artwork. An artist does not have to know how to draw a horse from memory. [thank goodness!] An artist does not have to perform on the spot to prove that she can sing.  And, an artist does not have to have an art degree....

It's not the art degree that makes you an artist, it is the practice, the learning - the study itself. It is not earning money from selling your art that makes you an artist, it's doing the art. (emphasis added)"

Of course, there is much more to the article - its focus is to help you develop an artist statement - a single sentence that you can say when someone asks you about your art - and DON'T use those words "just", "only" or "simply"!  The sample sentence is something like, "I use (tools) to (verb) in order to (result)."  Her example, "I use paper and pen to write and draw book pages to explore my purpose here on earth."

I find these inspirational words affirming and encouraging and a reminder that, although still a beginner in many ways, my art has value; it has a voice; it has purpose and meaning.  So does yours.  Celebrate it.


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I end up recycling mine and pulling out the juicy bits so I don't forget, or just thumb through the stacks with coffee so I get re-energized. There are some fabulous ideas. xox

  2. I don't subscribe to it but have a couple issues that I bought at the bookstore cause of the ideas in those particular issues. I flag the pages with little Post-it flags and actually go back and look now and then when casting about for a project.
    I must be immodest LOL cause I have no trouble saying I'm an artist. It can mean so many things, so I'm not hung up on feeling like I don't deserve to use the word.

  3. I couldn't agree more. Wise words...thoroughly implemented by you in your very focussed art practice.

  4. I love that you are exploring this out loud, Terrie! I've had those moments when I am asked about myself and what I have written, when I say I am a writer, [which means what have I had published, I usually think] or what sort of art DO I DO, when I say I am an artist... what I have learned in the past 12 years since I last worked is that making art and sharing my writing and my art are what keep me strong and healing. they are my daily practises, like, well, brushing my teeth and walking Gracie. still, it can BE a puzzler to step willingly into that space with a new person. I enJOYed reading this and your insights very much. p.s. I am sorry I don't comment more often, but I DO read all your posts and enJOY every one BEcause of the generosity of your sharing. ;~D


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