week 11 of 365-2 (part 2)

Finishing my week out with this bit of creativity (Mar 10-17):

#73 - the Documented Life theme for this week is to use a bird on your page in some way - that's an easy one.....I love using birds in my art.

#74 - I've joined another round robin with the great ladies of the first journal round robin I did. This time we're just sending a single folio created on watercolor paper to be bound into some type of book when the swap is complete. My first pages are for Peggy who chose "nature" as her theme.
The starting point is a photo I took of a park in Savannah - I used acrylics over collaged text papers to extend the image.  In reality the paint colors are a bit more vibrant......

#75 - another page in Peggy's round robin journal - thought the bird and flowers carried her nature theme....

Also, finished up my letters for the ALAW "place" theme......I'm going to present them in a flag book so that's the next step.  I haven't made one before so I'm planning on making a practice one since my letters are done a bit early....

O-Oregon; P-Philadelpha; R - Rabat, Morocco; S - Suzhou China; T - Tenerife (Canary Islands); U - Utah
V - Vermont; W - Washington; X - Xian China; Y - Yellowstone; Z - New Zealand; J - Jamaica

I'm looking forward to another week of creative endeavors - and to seeing what you all are up to!


  1. really gorgeous work! love your DLP page with the bird, and what a brilliant idea for the letters/flag book! the Luck of the Irish to you today!

  2. I have recently become a fan of the Documented Life as a friend has been bringing her journal to our get togethers. Love the use of your photograph as a beginning to your painted page. Was fun guessing where your letters were taken!

  3. Beautiful work Terrie, I adore your DYL page, the bird is so striking. Brilliant idea with the photo for your round-robin spread, looks amazing my lovely. Thank-you for your sweet visit too today, much appreciated. Hee hee heres hoping I can get back into a routine again sometime soon.
    Huge hugs x x x

  4. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Love the way the photo blends into the page yet still stands apart from it. Great stuff Terrie. xox

  5. Extending the tree pic was a clever idea and I love the single page bird collage. I haven't tried a flag book either. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

  6. LOVE your letters. LOVE your picture extending from the photo. LOVE your bird page. thanks for such a smorgasbord of inspiration Terrie! xx


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