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On one of the blogs I follow I saw that she had cleaned up and redone her inspiration bulletin board.  I intended to remember which blogger it was but here, several days later and many blog posts read, I have no idea.  Whoever it was, thank you.  You inspired me to do the same......

Bulletin Board Before
My bulletin board had become so cluttered, it wasn't much of an inspiration any longer.  And some of the pieces had been there for a year!  So, I took everything off and added only postcards or cards that currently inspire me.

Restored Bulletin Board Inspiration
You'll see my continuing fascination with birds and some of the many bird p/c I received.  Color and composition faves are here too.....  

Look at my new playthings!  I ordered the envelope board for a friend for her birthday, so got one for me as well.  It helps making a professional, slick looking envelope super easy so no more white envelopes for me - this will be a great way to use up my huge stash of scrapbook paper.  Also got this pack of acrylic paint - 48 tubes for only $30 and there are some truly yummy colors in there to try.  

Off to the art room I go - paint is calling to me!


  1. Great inspiration board! I think I need to have one of those. And I'm pleased to see that my stamp head lady made the cut (for now lol). Have fun with your envelope maker. I've made a few that way but usually take the easy way out and just fold a rectangle of paper into uneven thirds.

  2. Your inspiration board is so neat, there's now room for more stuff. I was delighted to see one of my collages there. Have fun with your new toys.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Nice re-inspriation board, always need to declutter them after a while...Nice playthings. xox


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