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I follow lots of art and artist blogs - I spend my lunch hour at work catching up on what they're doing, but time is short so I do lots of skimming - only an occasional comment.  But, every once in a while a piece of art or post comments give me pause.  I came across this, posted by Dina Wakely and just had to share.  This is a partial quote - click here to read all her thoughts.  And, if you're not familiar with Dina's talent, take a moment to visit her site and get a sense of her delightful, very personal style.
  • I consider what I do "art for everyone." What I mean by that is what I do is perfect for you if you have the desire to create and express, but don't necessarily have art-school-quality skill. I don't have art-school-quality skill. But I do have a burning love for art; I love making it, talking about it, looking at it. I art journal so I can express, play, and improve my skills. I art journal because if I don't pour out my soul, I go crazy. I art journal to leave my mark.
  • What I do is messy. I like mess, spills, grunge. Yep, I like mess. I'm good with it. (me: I love her grungy faces filled with personality)
  • Art is subjective. Yes it is, indeedy. What I do might not be art to you, and that's fine. It's art to me, and that's what matters. One of the great things about art is there are SO many types, kinds, styles. This is why I love mixed-media. The mixed-media community is generous and accepting of different types of alternative art, as well as different skill levels, without passing judgement.
I use her quote because I can't say it better myself AND I need the reminder.  "It's art to me and that's what matters".  So ladies, keep creating, keep making and sending mail art, painting, keep working in your journals, keep sharing your efforts, your progress, your joy.  We love sharing in your journey and your successes.

I finished a few more letters in my ALAW project - "PLACE" - places we've visited represented by a letter....  Melbourne (Aus), Kauai, Hangzhou (China), Nice (France), Las Vegas, Indianapolis (Indy 500)

Happy Sunday and happy creating!


  1. Your letters are lovely!
    The list is so perfect and so true. I so agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Permission to call it art... now that sounds good to me! There is always a little voice sitting not so quietly on my shoulder telling me that it sounds pretentious when I use the 'art'/'artist' terminology to what I do.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Again, great thoughts. Love your letters. xox

  4. oh Terrie, your letters are fantastic! what a wonderful idea. and thanks for the great quote! xx


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