week 12 for 365-2 (part 1)

March 17-23 - this week I got a jump on my Documented Life page and finished up my round robin journal page. I'm finding that this 365 commitment is perfect for me. It's helping keep me focused on creating daily but flexible enough to work on anything that comes my way.  I'm loving my art so far this year....

#76 - the last spread for Peggy's round robin journal page..... a collage of gardeny images from seed catalogs and a garden book set off by a pretty floral flap - under the flap, some lettering.

#77 - Documented Life week 12 - the theme is to cut up a magazine page and ADD stuff.  I opened a magazine 'Destinations', a luxury travel magazine from work and got to cutting..... I don't usually finish my DL layout so early in the week, but it just sort of jumped onto the page..... I doodled here and there....
This is a very different type of page for me. I don't usually write personal notes in my journals, but we've had a stressful week, full of job and financial worries and it just felt right.  It's obviously weighing on my mind because the first words I noticed were Blue and Story - that's me this week. - everything on this page refers back to my worried state of mind this week.....

#78 - I hadn't done anything today; I was tired from work, stressed with personal stuff and tried to talk myself out of making art.  Then I went upstairs to check laundry, walked by the art room, went in and lo and behold, my art journal called to me.  I didn't have the interest to do something very complicated and in fact found a couple of pages that I made last year as I was playing with techniques.  I added circles and circles and circles with oil pastels, a bit of acrylic and black ink.  I'm still searching for 'peace of mind' so the circles are more indicative of how my brain is working these days.

#79 - So here's creativity in progress - :) - I spent a good part of the day figuring out my book format for my ALAW project.  Originally I was going to do a flag book but I decided it wouldn't work with my alphabet. So, back to the drawing board (literally) and some cutting and folding while I worked out how things might fit.

That's my week so far.....hope yours is going well!


  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Glad you are having the focus you want....too much going on in my world right now, so i am scattered at best. Love what's on your work desk....tip ins to a book or mini book. xox

  2. I like the blue page. Haven't done my DL page yet. Good luck with your $$ worries, they're no fun. The circles page is fun. What book binding book do you have open on your desk?

  3. There are occasionally days, and weeks, like that. Hasn't stopped you producing the goods tho'. Love what you are doing for ALAW.

  4. sorry you were having such a worrisome week Terrie. I hope the journalling helped. your circle spread is wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your letters/book xx


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