week 13 for 365-2 (part 1)

March 24 - 30 - A new week, a new batch of projects for my second year of 365......

#83 - playing in my journal and experimenting with a web-like design over a brayer clean off page.

#84 - turned the webby idea into some mail art - I like the boxes background idea so started a series of those....... boxes drawn & shaded with inktense pencils then smooshed blended with a water brush.

#85 - a couple of my "maps" postcards for MMSA this week.  Want to join in? Postmark to Karen by 3/31.

#86 - wanted something quick and easy to fill in this week so thought of lettering.  Well it was kinda easy but not so quick.....it took all evening and I didn't even add color. Sheesh.  And it's not particularly original...I have to move beyond this curvy line style even though I kinda like it - next quote will be something different.

Go make some 'happy accidents' this week......


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Like that web and your maps are great. xox

  2. very productive week!! i like your brayer clean off page :) sometimes my scrap papers like this look better than my printed page!! happy accidents are great, yeah?

  3. Love that you use 'clean off' papers and also 'happy accidents'. I never was a stencil or a brush without using the leftover paint on a piece of paper. Some of my papers have heaps of layers of clean-off.

  4. Well! I like every one of these. Your map p/cs are great, love them both. Just mailed mine off this morning. The pink and orange boxes with web is very cool. And the quote looks great. I like the curvy line thing. Just cause something is common doesn't make it bad!


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