I got my completed round robin zine back and it's just gorgeous. This is my second round robin 'event' or swap or whatever.  I think they are SO much fun and it's just a delight to see such different art work in something I get to keep!

Though I haven't organized a swap myself, having watched Leslie and Carroll organize one so successfully, I can see that the challenge is to be organized and on top of reminding the participants that a mailing deadline is approaching, etc. but also to find like-minded people who will honor the commitment and produce the art (whether a journal page, zine, or postcard) in a timely manner and not drop the ball.  These two swaps have been filled with ladies who are talented but also who are wonderful at keeping their commitment.

With that lead in, here are the pages from my zine.  We agreed on an oversize format, all used watercolor paper so it would hold up in the mail, and the zine was mailed 'naked' (no envelope).

I started mine:

Dori added her wonderful collage touch:

Christie added her charming art work:

Finally, Carroll worked her magic and it came home to me:

Amazing, right?  I'd definitely encourage you to participate in a round robin if presented with the opportunity - it's a chance to share and receive some great art and forge even stronger artsy connections.


  1. A very interesting project....but when you say posted 'naked' ...how was it held together?

  2. We used varying types of tape - washi, duck, etc - one or two little bits along each side was plenty. Sometimes decorative, sometimes not, mostly easily removable but if not, it's part of the 'design'

  3. very cool beans, Terrie!!

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Really great. Glad that it mailed naked with no problems. Something you will cherish for sure. xox

  5. So fun to see it all finished and looking good!

  6. Great art! Love both the faces in the last pic. So when you were done with someone's, did you just fold it around to the next blank spread, seal edges, address it to the next person and send it off?

  7. Top Of The Mornin' Terrie, Your inspire me to get back to journaling . . . when I started journaling my pages were reflective on what was going on in my life, then they became doodle pages. Nothing wrong with doodling, but I really want them to be something that my daughter and granddaughters can look through when I'm long gone and remember me and my walk on this earth. Your pages are amazing!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. gorgeous work from everybody. I've done this RR format a few times and love the size, the fact that it arrives naked, and the relatively inexpensive cost of shipping (as opposed to an art journal or sketchbook).

  9. wow. such beautiful pages! what great fun and, yes, dedication. xx


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