week 9 for 365-2 (part 2)

Here's what I've been up to for the end of the week 9:

#59 - Documented Life, week 9 - the theme is "collage something you recycle".  My fairly random collage is all recycled....a dictionary page, a painty baby wipe, a painty deli paper, a napkin from a local restaurant. I just love how napkins turn transparent with a little matte medium!  On the other page, I'm trying upping my journaling part a bit.....focusing mainly on art activities, but also tracking the weather (just cuz it's fun to look back and remember what was going on).  We'll see how long this part holds.....

#60 -  I've been working on my first ALAW (a letter a week) project for this year.  Fiona offers one theme and then one alpha can be whatever you choose.  The theme is "place" for this year and since I actually have an idea for that one, I'm tackling it first.  Again I'm using my photos and photoshop -  each photo is of a place we've visited......

So here we have letters for Austria, Barcelona, Cozumel, Disneyland, Florence and Gibraltar (rock of :))  Stay tuned....

#61 - Worked on the diptych some more - still not loving it but it's done for now.....I think it's time to step away and see how I feel later cuz right now I'm feeling like covering it all in gesso and starting over!

This was an interesting corner that developed as I was covering up a section I didn't like in the lower left corner. Ultimately I decided it didn't work with the rest of the piece, but have the photo to print and use as a background elsewhere.....

I also really like this section - the scribble text on deli paper (Jane Davies idea) peeks through and I really like it.  Again, you'll probably see it as a journal background or something. :)

Thanks for checking in and sharing your thoughts......


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Nice new photo alaw's...keep going on that diptych....xox

  2. I didn't know you were doing ALAW....wonderful letters...great concept. Of course your mixed media stuff is getting better and better.

  3. sometimes stepping back and putting things away for a while really helps me. I can see it with new eyes after a break, and usually I like it more than I thought I did when I revisit it. (of course there are also those "hurry up and cover this with gesso" moments...)

    I also think we can learn a lot by identifying our favorite bits of a larger piece, as you've done here. I like using a small frame as a view finder - I might stumble upon a great color combo or composition that pleases me that I can translate into a different piece.


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