introducing my nephew, the artist

My nephew, Michael Whitlark, is an amazing artist.  He's been pursuing his artistic path for a number of years, trying to get his name out there and sell pieces here and there.

Herd by Michael Whitlark

He was the featured artist recently in the online magazine The Abundant Artist.  He writes about his artistic journey and shares some tips about how to put yourself in the position to sell your art.

He writes:  "I paint, post, and show every chance I get. It can be a challenge, especially while trying to juggle everything else in life. I have a job, I am a full time student, and I am a member of the National Guard…I am busy. But, what do I tell people when they ask me what I do? My reply is always: “I am an artist.” I have earned the right to say that through sheer force, effort and determination – with a little bit of “fake it ’til you make it” mixed in.
So, my words of wisdom would be simply to do it, keep at it, be persistent…take on fear, self-doubt, and vulnerability squarely… hang your work, open that gallery door, send out your emails. You are an artist; you have every right to think of yourself as one! Believe in yourself – if you don’t, who will?"         Some pretty wise words from someone not yet 30.
by Michael Whitlark
He did some really cool paintings a while ago that were 'painted' with coffee - big trees with drippy roots, etc. (they've all sold so no pics to show); he did a series of landscapes on reclaimed barn wood.  Though he paints primarily in oils, he continues to experiment with other mediums as well .....  Take a browse through his paintings at MichaelWhitlark.com  


  1. He's great...and I love his philosophy. Seems there's quite an artistic gene floating around your family. HIs Ink works are fabulous.

  2. Great post, Terrie! I loved the quote, and did a brief skim of the longer article. I will return to that later when I can enjoy it more, but he's not only a promising artist, but also a competent writer -- which is a lovely combo, in my book.

  3. LOVE the elephants! I'll check out his website once I get to work and have time lol.

  4. such incredible talent! thanks for sharing Terrie! xoxo


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