beach walk

Yesterday was one of those stellar Seattle days - clear and sunny, brisk yet warm, just begging you to go out and breathe the fresh air after weeks of pouring rain.  So I did.

I went to Lincoln Park, a nearby seaside park, for a walk.  It was amazing.  First I noticed that in spite of the sun, it was colder than I expected and when I turned the point and was walking into the wind, it was downright freezing - but I persevered.

Then I noticed that the type of people who walk on a weekday morning is different from the folks at the park on the weekend.  It was mostly older people walking their dogs or young moms with strollers or toddlers.

Then I noticed this - someone's beach art, left for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Can you see how they jammed the light-colored log into the tangle of roots then balanced the darker branch on top.  Balanced!  I did a double take when I saw it and had to go closer to make sure of what I was seeing.  The branches are each probably 4-5 feet long.

Amazing, right?

Then I continued my walk and left the path and walked on the beach (harder going over those rocks).  But you get a different perspective of the tangle of driftwood.  This amazingly colorful and textured log caught my eye.  Most of the driftwood has all the color bleached out of it so this log really stuck out.

A little further down the beach is texture of a different kind.

After taking several pictures of all these swirls I walked away, glanced to my side, did a double take and went back......here's what I saw.

Do you see it?  It's a log dog!  Mother nature was certainly generous in sharing all sorts of delightful surprises on my walk.  I had the BEST walk!

Then I got home, checked the mail and there was some wonderful mail art and the last of the round robin zines to create in.  Who could ask for a better day????


  1. Wow, you did have a good day! Love the balancing stick lined with stones. It's cool to find things that other people created and left behind - found art. I love walking on the beach but it's too far from me now to go very often. Nice to see your pics of it.

  2. what an extraordinarily generous sharing of treasures and pleasure, Terrie!! awesome the things our eyes see when we keep them open!!

  3. A perfect day. Love that coloured log...and the log dog. Great photos.

  4. what a glorious day - balancing logs and stones and hidden dogs. marvelous pictures.


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