The International Collage Exhibit (ICE) is up and live.....  I submitted 13 collages for the first time this year at the urging of Jo Murray (collager and artist extraordinaire).  78 artists are participating and there are collages of every shape, style, and description.  Each artist has one collage available for purchase and one will be on permanent display (I don't remember where).  The others become part of a swap - so I'll get 11 (or 12 if mine doesn't sell) collages in return.

This is the collage I'm offering for sale - gelli print w/ a found copper piece and a feather.  It's mounted on an 8x10 white watercolor backing.

The one below is the one that will be on permanent display

Click on over and visit the site and definitely consider joining the exhibition/exchange next year.  I'm so glad Jo encouraged me to participate.


  1. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Love them both. I never got around to it, glad you did, Jo does it every year I believe. God luck, hope it sells....xox

  2. Good luck Terrie...your collages are fabulous. Thanks for the mention, tho' you make me sound too clever by far.


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