week 14 for 365-2 (part 1)

March 31 - April 6 - Week Fourteen and still moving forward..... woohoo!

#90 - week 14 of Documented Life: theme this week is to write and embellish your name - oh boy, right up my alley! :)

I've seen versions of this style around pinterest so wanted to give it a try for a while.  I discovered that it's most effective when all the letters connect or overlap in some way - that was kinda challenging and took quite a few practice stackings to get it right......  filled in with watercolor pencils ......

#91 - the current MMSA theme is to make cards using transparent elements.  Another easy one for me (and for most of us I'm sure) to use stuff from my wealth of translucent materials...... the first card, tissues paper, painted pattern paper and the red splotches are on deli paper and the bug is stamped on tissue.
This second card started with a the polka dot and word tissue paper.  Layer some napkin cutouts on top of that and black dots on deli paper.....you can see through all the layers to the blue dots on the very bottom!

#92 - more transparent postcards:  - This card started as a veggie print - you know, stamping with the end of a celery stalk - then added a few tissue bits and topped it all with ribbony tracing paper and washi edges.

The above p/c started with one of my flower photos and is topped with a drawn floral design on tracing paper and edged with washi.

I had lots of fun with the transparent theme and made lots more so watch your mailboxes! :)


  1. Love Dan's bird.

    Love, LOVE the map cards. (I'm finding that theme a fruitful one as well.)

    Love that you tell what you used to make your lovely creations (the watercolor pencil name page, and the transparent cards), rather than just assuming that we'll "get it" just by looking.

    Love that someone, somewhere, is getting RAIN. We've been so snow-besieged this winter that it seems I can't help but make mail art with umbrellas and dark clouds on them. They take over my subconscious, and come out through my collage and drawings.

    I do so ache for the pitter-patter of little raindrops.

    At least I can always count on finding some sunshine through your well-rounded and interesting blog posts. Lots of good stuff here, always. Thanks for making the world a better place, Terrie, by sharing your creative explorations and your lovely, rainy, sea-coasty Washington.

  2. Wow Terrie, you've been busy. I've just had a look at your posts and I love what you're doing. Those collages are fabulous and the maps just perfect. I love the way you did your name in this post. I'm a sucker for bright colours.
    Have a great day.

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Fantastic traarent elements on these cards, braco, they are beautiful. xox

  4. Love that second #91 card. Something about having the text on there really does it for me. And a good take on your ADL name. Haven't done that one yet.


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