week 17 for 365/2 (part 1)

April 21-27

#111 - browsing online (pinterest or facebook, can't remember which), I discovered the videos of Kiala Givehand.  She set herself the challenge of creating A Book In A Day (BIAD) each week last year.  So she has 52 videos of easy, fun, different bookmaking ideas.  After watching a couple videos, I got up off my fanny and made one!  I really like this little book and see lots of uses for it and variations of it.  I made mine using my gelli print papers.....  (See my last post for my process pics)

#112 - spent a couple evenings drawing patterns in my moleskin....I got a new magazine and as I flipped through I was inspired by pillows, tableware, etc. for the patterns.

#113 - have been hit by a terrible spring cold. Everyone in the office is sick and I thought it was going to miss me, but no, I'm down and out.  So I managed to do just this simple journal work....building layers, adding random text, and using my fab new Stencil Girl stencil that I won.

Hope I feel better to get back in the art room this week.....


  1. darn those spring colds! I hope you feel better soon. I love your pattern sketches. i like the idea of using houseware patterns for inspiration.

  2. That's bad luck Terrie...hope you are soon A1. Lots of hot honey and lemon tea should do the trick. It hasn't stopped you producing wonderful work tho'.

  3. That book is interesting. Not sure I can deal with all those loose threads but I might give it a try. The drawing spread is cool. I need to do more of that. I'm lousy at it so I don't bother much, but if I did, I might improve!
    Feel better soon. Nothing like a bad cold to knock you on your a**.


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