a garden walk

What a pleasant spring day it was here in Seattle today.  After 2 days of rain, today is partly sunny, comfortably warm, totally spring!  I left work early and stopped by my fave little botanical garden......here's my visit...

There were a few blooming things - mostly azaleas - but what I really noticed was the pockets of contrasting textures and colors.

Isn't spring just amazing????  Hope you're loving it wherever you are too (or the beginning of fall, if that's your season).


  1. Beautifully designed garden Terrie...I bet you just love it.

  2. beautiful pics!! looks like a great way to spend a day :)

  3. That dark red and lime green is a great combo, and it was everywhere. You're lucky to live near/in a large city. I bet there isn't a botanical garden within an hour of me. Small towns are good for some things but sure do lack in others. Glad you had a good walk.

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I've been on that garden pnce and it is spectacular. thanks for sharing it.....Happy Easter. xox

  5. so so BEautimous, Terrie!! love how my "emerging painter's" eye can see BEyond the photograph to the texture, colour, and feel of your photographs!!

  6. Gorgeous shots Terrie! To me anyone who can make a dandelion look good is a 'true' photographer! xoxo


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