week 15 for 365-2

April 7-13  - here we are at week 15 and I'm running a bit behind because we have house guests......so I didn't do a mid-week post since there wasn't much done - also felt the originality suffered a bit as I hurried to finish things.  I'll try to take more time next week......

#97 - this week's Documented Life theme is to create something monochromatic - since I just made my bird stamp, thought I'd use it.  The tree is drawn with several shades of blue in oil pastels; stenciled and acrylic background.....

Last week (14) was to embellish our own names and I showed you just the name page, but here's the completed layout with my "planner" side done too...

#98 - I spent a couple evenings getting mail art ready to go out.....I had a bunch of responses to make so the note, addressing, etc takes a while.  The one in the middle is covered with the netting from a bag of oranges!  Here are a few outgoing:

#99 - making marks on deli paper for transparent layers in collage and mail art

#100 - working in my journal......something to refer back to when I feel the need to practice my drawing skills..... I saw something similar on Pinterest but it was full of things I wasn't interest in drawing....lots of animals, bugs, etc. so I made it fit me....  the best kind of inspiration, right?

#101 - I worked this week on my journal page in a round robin swap - Carroll's theme is just color....and lots of it.  If you know her work, you know she just loves her some color!  Each of us in the round robin is contributing one 'folio' to be bound by the owner -
Carroll loves bright, vibrant colors so I made this collage using some of my painted papers, gelli prints, and a gifted paper or two in the center pages - the saying?  Happiness can be painted in any color.  Below is the front page.....inktense pencils on watercolor paper

#102 - MMSA theme for this time is "scavenger hunt for the letter S".  this one is totally challenging - Karen wanted us to find 10 things starting with the letter S, 10 ways to represent "S".....  The next challenge is due April  21st and we want to see what you can do using blue and brown (a much easier challenge!) (OOOPPS, I forgot to take a pic of these and it was a hard theme so I wanted you to see it.....ah well.)
Instead, here's some other random p/c I made while in production mode.
Above - gelli prints with snippets from my leaf photo, below gelli with photo and my recently carved stamp with flower from book.....

#103 -  Winkflash had a book sale (I've had many photo books published by them using this sale and love it - it's a free pages sale so you get up to 100 pages for the cost of a standard 20 page book - this photo book ended up being 94 pages and would have cost over $100 but I got it for $25 (incl ship) which is a bargain!)  I finished up a couple last pages using my digital scrapbooking stash (which is extensive).  Of course they have templates galore if you want a quick and easy layout..... It commemorates our trip to China a few years ago.

I just got notice that they shipped my book - I'm excited to see it all put together!  It's such a great way to remember a trip - serves as a journal of what we did and what we learned as well as an easy way to share some of our favorite photos.....

Hope you have a most excellent new week - full of whatever you need......relaxation or excitement, quiet or busy noise, creativity or restful down time......


  1. I'll send you pictures of you letter S cards when they arrive. Did I really say 10 items? what was i thinking? I thought I changed it to 6 items. must have only done it in my imagination! I can't wait to see your cards. I bet they have your usual flair.

  2. Anonymous5:53 AM

    It's all really wonderful and creative. You certainly are stretching your creative wings. Great mark making, so simple, so dramatic too. xox

  3. All your work is sensational...but I particularly am drawn to your marks on deli paper.

  4. Love the marks on deli paper, and your embellished name is cool. Carroll's folio looks good. Gotta get off my butt and finish Laurie's...


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