week 16 - 365/2 (part 2)

April 14-20 - a few more projects for you to check out as I keep working on my 365......

#107 - another art journal page on black gesso background, then some brush clean-off swipes.  My new 48 acrylics had several metallics which I never really use.  I tried it out here and love the shimmer so I'll have to try it again - I like it more than I thought because it's subtle......

#108 - a little digi art playing from a photo I took on my garden walk a few days ago....

adjusted with layers and spot color......
Used a free texture called Old Tablecloth from Pixel Dust.....

#109 - Documented Life for this week challenged us to use a piece of cardboard food box in a creative way..... I actually use food cardboard all the time (mostly for mail art) so struggled a bit to come up with something I thought was 'creative'.....  So, I had my popcorn box "POP" apart!  :)

#110 - I made a few postcards for the MMSA theme of blue and brown.

Hope you enjoy a creative, art filled week!


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Ooh I love that exploded cardboard box, so cool how you did that. Great photo of the epidemium.....and your lettering is superb. xox

  2. Such diverse projects Terrie...all good!

  3. Love the popping popcorn box and the black gesso page with the metallic paints. I'm not much of a sparkle person either but sometimes metallics can be fun. I like your blue/brown cards too. I wad oddly uninspired for that one, despite liking the color combo.


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