show & tell: family

Chelsey over at Paper Heart Camera is hosting another Show & Tell - this one about family (appropriate for this time of year).  So just a quick post this morning to share my guys (since they don't ever look at this blog, guess they'll never know, right?)

Youngest on the left, hubby in the middle and oldest son on right; we're at a friend's wedding.  They're standing on a stairway - actually hubby is 6'5 and boys are 6'3 each.

He always laughs with such abandon.  I love that!  And you can't help but laugh with him.  Thanks son for keeping me silly and happy and laughing!

The family earlier this year.

And just a quick one when they were little and cute and cuddly.....

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  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics of your three lovely men! I'm just a tiny bit envious! Valerie

  2. Lovely family Terrie... those boys are hunks (including the older one)

  3. Such terrific pictures of your family. Thank you for sharing. x

  4. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Thanks for sharing such great pics of your family :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. Such handsome men! Love the shot of your two boys when they were little in comparison to the first photo. :)

  6. what a nice looking group of men... I don't post pics of my girls (oops! I take that back, actually I posted one of my daughter teaching)... I've just gotten to the point of posting faces... mostly of my granddaughter, Lydia.


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