inspiration ave: aged beauty

This was an interesting challenge for IA and while I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, I don't feel I completed it as successfully as I hoped.  However, it's Thanksgiving eve and I have stuff to do! so it's going to be good enough for now.

I love rusty old textured machinery or peeling paint wood, etc and my mind immediately went to that as my view of aged beauty.  But I wanted to explore layering other elements - I see so many really effective digi collages, but mine always feel to cluttered if I add more than one thing.  So for this, one addition.

The original photos:

Blended, my Aged Beauty became this:

No textures were added this time - I just duplicated the car (it's a crumpled fender) shot a couple times: soft light 45%, hard light 75% and then layered the sunflower in with hard light 52% and duplicated it at soft light 37%.

So many folks have such creative interpretations of this theme, it's worth your time to visit Inspiration Ave.  This project is also AEDM #24 - so visit other committed artists (or artists who should be committed for taking on this challenge in November of all times!) here.


  1. oh wow!! that is gorgeous Terrie!! i love how well the 2 blended together and how abstract it turned out :) what a wonderful creative twist to Aged Beauty!!
    Luthien :)

  2. Great piece, I love sunflowers and rust! Valerie

  3. This is a gorgeous combination.
    You've given me some food for creative thinking.
    I wouldn't have thought of doing this process.
    Thank you!

  4. Wow that is really gorgeous! The flower and the rusty crumpled fender played so well off each other!

  5. Although we have just recently become blogging friends, you KNOW how I love rust! And I was in the same boat as you this week. I wanted time to play with this theme, but no time to devote to the project. However, I was very impressed with your digital collage. I'm also thrilled at how you walked us through the various steps you took, as well as letting us know that was a rusty fender. Go figure a person who lives to rust would not know a rusty fender when it reached out and bit her in . . . . . This is one super entry.

  6. I am always in awe of digital art...this is a beautiful collage♥

  7. Oh this is so beautiful- I LOVE it! I would never have thought of combining a sunflower with a car.....

  8. This is a gorgeous blend of colours and textures Terrie - as Steph says, such an unexpected combination but it somehow works really well! The colours of rust on the fender really adds something to the warmth of the sunflower :)

  9. What a great find that rusty texture is - love what you did!!


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