AEDM -day 5


Day 5 takes me in a different direction.  Margaret over at Enthusiastic Artist is an amazing Zentangle artist and is going to give away a dozen of her drawings in celebration of one year of blogging.  In return she's asked people to send her traditional Zentangle tiles, so I complied.  I drew a few, these three were the best though I only sent her a couple.  A traditional tile is 3.5" square, is divided by a randomly drawn pencil "string" and then tangled within the string.

I find the creation of these very relaxing and rewarding - you still need to consider artistic principles like light/dark, contrast of shapes, shading, etc. but it's accomplished in a repetitive, relaxing mode.  And I can do it anywhere - sitting in front of the TV, in a waiting room, on break at work.....

Check out all the MANY other creative endeavors on day 5 here at Art Every Day Month.


  1. Terrie, love these, its great that you can do this anytime, any place and anywhere, I'm going to pay Margaret a visit, thanks for sharing. Have a blessed weekend. Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  2. These are amazing Terrie! Thanks so much for sharing, much love Jennibellie xx

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I'm really drawn to the second one. I want to sit beneath the shade of it's mushroominess (yes, I invented a word) lol :). Thanks for sharing.
    Stay inspired!

  4. Wow! The last one reminds me of art deco - love it!

  5. Loving the second one also. These are just fabulous! HuGGs, and Happy Day #5!!!

  6. These are wow! Loved all but my fav is (also!) the second one.:)

    Thais Gisele

  7. Anonymous3:06 PM

    These are great, I've always wanted to try these.

  8. You are managing to get so much done!!!! They are cool though... thinking I may need to grab my sketchbook from the car and keep it on the table near the couch to get me picking it up more xx

  9. So much detail, they are amazing!


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