scavenger hunt sunday

This is a first for me.  Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos hosts a weekly photo sharing following a 5 day theme that is suggested for each week.  So I'm joining this week though a couple of my entries are from archives and not shot new this week......

Mainly One Color

A frosty morning here this morning.

Around the Home

A closeup of a glass tray I have with a Kim Klassen texture added.


This is my "cheating" photo - I took it a couple weeks ago at the Seattle Japanese garden.  It was a beautiful day to visit the garden with reflections galore to explore :)


Most of my writing is done at the computer - and on this blog!  However, as you can see from my desk, I haven't totally given up on the handwritten reminder notes!  All those things to do!


If I'd known I'd have a frosty morning, I could have used that for my 'water' shot, but instead I took this of a glass of ice with tea being poured.  The little bit of bokeh on the left is an added texture since I thought the shot was kind of boring.

Check out other interpretations by visiting a few links at Ashley's site.  Or, join in next week when the 5 themes are:  waiting, foliage, candid, knife/fork/spoon, and rule of thirds.


  1. Lovely photos, as always! Valerie

  2. Love your mainly one color and reflection shots. Love that your writing shot has a bit of a reflection as well.

  3. Welcome,your photos are beautiful love them all.

  4. Welcome to SHS - It is addictive.
    What a great start.
    Mainly One Color-Beautiful!
    Around the Home - Very pretty and great use of the texture.
    Writing-I would not have thought to do the Computer Screen but it works.
    Reflection-Absolutely stunning and who cares if you "cheated" a little.
    Water - Really nice. I love the added bokeh and the texture of the straw.

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Welcome to the hunt...but watch out they are addicting. Your shots are amazing...so I hope you find the hunt addicting b/c that means we all get to see more of your amazing work.

  6. This set is gorgeous - I especially love your first two shots.


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