AEDM -day 23

Today for AEDM I finished up a gift for my youngest son who is a lover of micro-brew beer.  With the help of a friend who helped find all these cool coasters, I gathered enough to make this piece of "art". :)

I glued all these paper coasters to black foam core and framed with a black frame. I think he'll like it!  (good thing he doesn't follow my art blog!)

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  1. I am sooo not showing sinus man this because he would love it sooo much... this is a fantastic present and I am glad that you have family that don't read your blog as well.... I feel a lot less alone now... see you tomorrow xx

  2. I am sure he will love it! Valerie

  3. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I am sure he will love it, I know mine would. xox Corrine

  4. wow Terrie he will love it. x

  5. I should say so!
    Can't have been easy to arrange these into a coherent whole I would have thought.
    My comment boxes are a mystery to me, Terrie.
    Every time I start a new blog, they disappear on me and I have to try and coax them back :-)

  6. great gift! I love microbrews and adore all those coasters. I've been wanting to post pictures of something I'm making for my sister, but she DOES read my blog.

  7. What a great gift for your son, he is bound to love it!

    Thanks for the visit blog, WOYWW is a great habit to start, I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now, you are right, 'it could serve as a photographic log of the state of creative affairs as you look back over a year of Wednesdays'.

    I'd love to see your posts, it's lots of fun and the people are so lovely. xx


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