AEDM -day 4

My entry for Photo Art Friday (hosted by Bonnie at Pixel Dust).  The challenge was to embrace trying something new...a different style or technique - well, I certainly did that!  But, I dunno.  I've been working on this off and on all week and I'm mostly happy with this - I like the colors, I like the change I made that made the leaves look less like leaves and more abstract, I like the zentangle pattern down the side (looks kinda tribal), like the hide & seek words.  If it's true that the whole is a sum of it's parts, I should love this.  But.

Here was my earlier version:

My recipe:
started with 2 of my photos

Played with the hue/saturation on each and erased much of the dahlia, moving it to the edge
Duplicated leaf layer, blending mode vivid light 90%
Duplicated leaf again, blending mode linear light 100% and offset it from original leaves to obscure them
Added text texture layer from Skeletal Mess
Duplicated dahlia, cut and moved to upper corner, erased edges
Added encaustic texture from Nancy Donaldson for subtle circles at top
Added concentric circle scrapbooking element at vivid light, 15%
Added piece of one of my zentangles repeated down the edge, all at 65% opacity

This is my AEMD and my photo art - you really should check out some of the others to be properly impressed!  Even better, join in!  I'm also linking to Artists in Blogland on Saturday.

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  1. Wonderful marriage of the two images; I hear you about doing something different - feel similar. This turned out great with the dark base (background) and that flower is magnificent... thanks so much for sharing. kareninkenai

  2. Wow! This is awesome.

  3. VERY, very nice job. I love the bright colours. :) Happy Friday!

  4. I really love being able to see the original photos. Amazing what they turned into. Love how the leaves are so abstract.

  5. I LOVE this! I'm not so good with photo manipulation. I've tried, but I just enjoy working with paints more, so I just get restless at the computer and need to go and spread some paint around. But I LOVE looking and the blending of digital art. The colors here as beyond amazing!

  6. Oh wow, such fantastic colours, x

  7. This is fantastic!! I Love that you shared your process too...I am always most fascinated with people's process. What a wonderful eye you have - the colors are phenomenal!

  8. Excellent composite treatment! I, too, like the more abstract first one. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday Terrie.

  9. Wow, I've never seen this before. So creative!!!

  10. WOW! All I can say is WOW! Incredible work, thanks for sharing Jennibellie xx

  11. Wow this is awesome. Very creative.

  12. I drew a dahlia for the IA challenge... so nice to know we were both playing with them at the same time... I love the final version of this... those colours and textures are electric xx

  13. Terrie, this is so gorgeous! I loved your version from the other day, but I like this new one even better. I think you achieved your goal of abstract while still maintaining beautiful elements of your orignal photos.

  14. Wildly creative and gorgeous!

  15. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Hi Terrie from WA. Love this piece. I've been challenging myself when inspired with an image, photo, painting, etc, to write a story in 70 words or less, not necessarily what I see, but how it moves me. So here it is --- Underneath the sea, she lives in the blue-green cones of the Georgia, known as the coral cones, a colony of sea urchins not known to man. Her name is Dahlia and only when the moonbeam reaches her and the fins of the purple red-leaf fish pass, does she play her symphony with her friends in magnificent vertical hues and the Japanese say in very good taste. --- (Trying to write more expressive, but more concise) thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Hey Terrie; got your comment on my blog and thank you. Just to let you know "Georgia" is mentioned because the Dahlias were also known as "Georgia" in the early 1900s (or about that time period) and the Japanese flower language for the Dahlia is "good taste" -- hence the usage. I don't usually explain because I don't like to take fantasy, etc., so literal, but thought you would find it interesting. Talk to you later, Terri at www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com or terri@morningingdewdrops.com


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