AEDM - day 17

In an effort to keep up with the AEDM challenge, my creativity today went to practical....I made a vase floral arrangement.  I used to be a florist and still love picking flowers and making arrangements for my home.  I'm totally spoiled about wanting to have pretty flowers or greens around.  There's not much in my yard right now, so I picked up a bunch of mixed greens at Costco and voila, a vase arrangement that should last through Thanksgiving.

Ooops - I meant to adjust it in PSE and get rid of some of that bright flash, but oh well.  This is a great mix because it has fragrant eucalyptus, colorful preserved fall leaves, drooping seed eucalyptus, some grasses and leucadendron for a 'flower'.  Colorful and long lasting, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Displaying flowers in a vase is the easiest way to do it - no messing with the floral foam and making that all work.  However, there are definitely some tricks to make your flowers look "designed" rather than stuck in a vase.  I wrote a couple of how-to articles on my home decorating blog (Your Decorating Hotline) and you can check them out if you're interested in some real florist tips..... Arrange roses (or any flower for a formal look) or Arrange tulips (for a more casual style).

Again, be sure to visit AEDM for other talented ways to be creative!


  1. Beautiful arrangement, this is one thing I cannot do - mine always look awful! Valerie

  2. Practical but beautiful! Lovely arrangement. Thanks for visiting my blog and asking about the word count, it is for National Novel Writing Month (the writing challenge equivalent to aedm I guess), if you want to look the website is linked on all of my posts, much love Jennibellie x

  3. love the arrangement. i always like using the eucalyptus, it always adds a bit of drama.

  4. I love the colour splash here, Terry! :-) It's always nice to see colour everywhere. It makes everything more beautiful, don't you think? :-)



  5. Terri this is beautiful... you must have been an extraordinary florist.... creative and interesting in your arrangements if this is anything to go by... I really love that muted palette... it is so rich in texture xx


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