more texture

Using one of Nancy Donaldson's at The Evolution of Nancy crackle textures, some blending, etc. I altered a photo I took of a door in Indianapolis.  I just found Nancy's site as a result of some blog hopping (that is SO addicting; I've got to cut back.  Really.)  She also hosts a Texture Tuesday (similar to Kim Klassen's) and I'll be adding my digi transformations there too.  I'm also adding it to Texture Thursday (love these texture sites!).

My recipe for the above is:
Nancy's crackle texture at multiply 30%
duplicate the photo, linear burn 20%
duplicate the photo, convert to black/white 30%
Kim Klassen's word texture, linear burn 37%
top layer is the crackle texture again, linear burn 25%
some select spot erasing of the crackles.....

I wanted to keep the colors fairly muted to enhance the aged feeling.  What do you think?


  1. Love that crackle Terrie... how do you acquire it?

  2. This is really cool!! Like it. :)

  3. Very cool image, Terrie. thanks for posting. kareninkenai


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