AEDM -day 26 zentangle

This week over at I am the Diva, the challenge is to create a Zentangle using a red line as the string.  It's in support of a charitable organization called The Red Thread Promise which provides assistance for orphans in China to people in the US needing medical care.

Today's creativity for AEDM is my Zentangle tiles.

Tangles used top:  paradox, spinners, opus, bales variation, flux, tipple, flora - Bottom:  betweed, marbles, hibred, striping, and in the borders sequins, organza again and chainlette

Be sure to visit the Diva to see more great Zentangles or to try your hand at it.  The AEDM site will lead you to a wide range of creative folks - click through a few links and you might find a new blogging friend.


  1. This is really lovely. Thank you for sharing it today.

  2. I especially like your first. I think it's fun to see the tangles from Tanglepatterns.com appear in the tiles that week.

  3. There is a lot of energy in the first one. Both are so well done!

  4. Wow, these turned out fabulous Terrie! I think I prefer Zentangles with a bit of colour now I have seen your, great work thanks for sharing :) x


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