AEDM -day 9

Another late posting - especially compared to all you east coasters!  I had an idea for a ZIA (zentangle inspired art) so started it last night and finished it tonight.  It was really fun and I might try it even larger and on 'real' paper instead of in my sketchbook.  It kind of looks like the birds are having a conversation, doesn't it?

Tangles:  spirals, Nightsbridge, Echoism, Poke root, Meer, Mooka, N'zeppel, Hollibaugh, Flora tangelation, Ennies, Zedbra

The watercolors made my paper wavy and the scanner picked up those shadows.  Bummer.  But you get the idea, I'm sure.

If you want to see what other creative types are doing, visit the wealth of blog links at AEDM or wander through the flickr pictures - there's everything from painting to jewelry to quilting and more.  There are SO many creative people out there....


  1. I like that you combined the watercolour and the tangle... hate the scanner when it does that...I swear mine knows just when I am in a bad mood and pushes all my buttons... hope it is kinder to you tomorrow xx

  2. LOVE those birds! Valerie

  3. This is gorgeous!! Waves or not...looks great!

  4. Oh Terrie, I LOVE this one! I adore birds, I mean, I LOVE them. THis just made my heart sing with joy!!!!



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