AEDM -day 3

   Day 3 of my AEDM efforts, returning to working in my art journal.  This one is inspired by the brilliant work of Kurt Nimmo (his flickr photos here)(his monochromatic pieces are fabulous and I find them so inspiring).  This the total opposite of yesterday's vivid WIP....I must seem a little schizophrenic!

Unfortunately the cool textured rice paper doesn't scan well and actually may be too different in weight from the quite heavy darker paper.  It's strongly textured too, but it seems to overpower the lighter rice paper.  I like the use of cut and torn edges as well as the layering.  Will definitely keep working in this vein to see how other papers work together.  The hardest part of this style for me is to stop.  I kept putting more color/layers/shapes on and then taking them off - reminding myself this is an exercise in simplicity, in creating interest simply and not with a riot.

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  1. I love the layers and the texture..thank you for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful words...very much appreciated!

  2. I like playing with textured papers and have a whole draw of them that I have collected.... but scanning never does them justice xx

  3. I can understand not being able to stop, playing with layers of paper is absolutely addictive for me! Valerie


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