AEDM -day 20

I don't do a lot of preparing for Thanksgiving.  Although I enjoy the day spent with friends and family, my responsibilities are few.  I set the table but Dan does all the cooking and preparing the turkey, etc., friends bring side dishes, my youngest son bakes the pumpkin pies.  So, I just sit back and enjoy the day.

However, the arrival of Thanksgiving heralds the arrival of a holiday that does take LOTS more prep time for me....Christmas.  I love decorating the house and making new centerpieces and/or mantel decor.  I make gifts; I shop for some gifts; I bake (only a little); I make cards.  I'm a busy bee.

This year I've started my gift making with making this little wreath for the boys to hang in their apartment so they have just a little something seasonal.  The only thing I bought was the wreath form (a 24" $6 wreath at Michaels) and everything else I had from years of gathering Christmas doodads.  So, about 15 minutes of my time yielded a seasonal but not too cutesy or girly wreath for them.  Hooray, one down!

I salvaged the big bird from a live wreath given to us a few years ago and kept saving it for ..... something.  I know you all understand - it was just too cool to toss.  A bit of remnant ribbon (I have bins of it!), a cut up sparkly green pick, some cones and cinnamon and I was done.  First time I've fired up the glue gun in a while and it was fun - I wanted to make 5 more!

I'm sharing this in AEDM (art every day month) and hope you'll take a minute to visit some of the other great links over there.


  1. He is quite a dapper little character. Things I love in wreaths are the cinnamon stick bundles:)

  2. Your wreath is lovely and the birdie, too!

  3. Hello! It's so nice to be able to use bits and bobs that are sitting around waiting to be used. I really like that bright red cardinal! The cinnamon sticks are a great touch.

    I also visited your Etsy shop and you have some lovely photos. I particularly like the vintage-feel Seattle Gasworks photo, it's really neat!

    Thanks for visiting my place!


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