texture tuesday

I can't believe it's Tuesday already and I forgot to work on my digital Texture Tuesday images.  Since I am up SO early this morning but in the interest of limited time, I got busy and have an experiment for you.  I took the same image and added adjustments and textures from Nancy Donaldson and then redid it using textures from Kim Klassen - both of whom sponsor Texture Tuesday roundups.  Which do you prefer, or, like my husband, do you prefer the original?

Original image:

Nancy Donaldson texture encaustic circles at vivid light 35% and a new one from her friend Marie, venetian (the letters) soft light 86%.

This one uses two Kim textures:  pourvous (text) at hard light 40% and autumn burst at soft light 55%.

And just for chuckles, here's the image with all 4 textures activated......a bit overdone, but interesting.

Visit Kim and Nancy's sites to see more.....


  1. Terri, firstly have to say I just love love love seeing multiple versions of manipulated photos. Just gets my creative juices flowing.

    Interestingly, from a purely "Art" pov, I like the final image best. To me it drips of Mixed Media. Would love to see it as a work of art. Then again, you should prolly also know I am an 'more is more' kinda girl!

    Thanks for sharing them all!

  2. I love the original photograph...but I love using photoshop and altering photographs so my favorite would be the second one.....I like Jen, love that you have shown us all four versions. It's always interesting to see the different ways one can change a photograph.....

  3. They are all fabulous, but I like the second one, and the last one.

  4. Love seeing the differences. The third image is my favorite. :0)

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The original image is beautiful. I would like the others more without the script.

  6. I love how you "do" digital. I have a hard time getting my head around it all. I know if I ever sat down and learned it, I would love it, but I can't seem to devote the time needed, even though I have PS. I am CRAZY about your original photo. If I created photos like that one (of course I would need a much better camera), I wouldn't want to add digital layers.

    I had trouble getting my own photos to show up today (on my blog). So , you were not alone. It took three times of refreshing for them to appear. Sorry you are having a hard time with them. Sadly, you were not alone.

  7. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hi Terrie
    I see you're having fun :). I prefer your original as it's an incredible image all on it's own.
    Stay inspired!

  8. Terrie, they are all great, my two favorites are 1)Nancy's texture alone and 2) the blending of Nancy's texture with the added softness of Kim's texture!

  9. Oh wow, Terrie. These are stunning and beautiful. LOVE that you're not only so creative but not afraid to try anything new. :)

  10. Impossible to choose a favorite - I like each variation.

  11. I love the original "naked". I also really like the last image with just a whisper of what appear to be bicycle wheels.
    Nice work, Terrie.

  12. They are all fabulous! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the last one.
    Kathleen H.


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