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I haven't been posting or commenting as much as usual the last week or so because I've been busy working on a project that is long overdue and I recommitted myself to its completion.  Dan & I went to China 4 years ago (yes, that's 4 YEARS) with his brother and sister and their spouses.  The six of us had a great time and I promised a memory book to everyone with a blending of all our photos.

Okay, that was obviously a bit ambitious since it's still not done.  But it will be.  I digitally scrapbook each page and then wait for a photo book sale to get it printed.  I just got one back from Winkflash that chronicles my photo-a-day project from last year and I LOVE it!  I just love those photo books as a great way to share photo memories.

I've got about 45 pages done so far (20+ double layouts) and probably another 40+ to go since my pages haven't even left Beijing yet.  Here are just a few of the double layout pages I've managed to get done this week.  They're all for an 8x8 book size.

So, this proves I've not totally abandoned my creative activities the last little while, just more computer focused rather than paint and glue focused.  (plus I'm coming down with something so I'm less inclined to do anything...)


  1. Great digital layouts, so much work though and I can see why your are not done yet. Also, printing costs are so much. xox Corrine

  2. these look great! and I think they will be treasured all the more after the intervening years.

  3. Hi Terrie! What a huge job! I'm so impressed by what you've been creating. Hope you feel better soon....

  4. Hi Terrie,
    I haven't tried digital scarpbooking yet but I will cause I won a contest for My memories. I particularly like the layout with the architectural details! Great photos! :^) patsy


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