scavenger hunt

I'm getting this posted a little late so there will probably be 100 links ahead of me....but this week had some fun themes.  As a reminder, Ashley posts 5 theme topics each Sunday and you have all week to take the pictures and post them the following Sunday.


I did a "vintage" collage of my parents before they got married that I submitted for the IA challenge yesterday, so today I just pulled up one of me with them (vintage is anything over 40 years old and this picture is definitely over that!).  No ruffles for me these days, but it was pretty cute then :)

Word or Quote:

A vignette in my house - one of my fave quotes of all time!

Nature's Own:

Mother nature is sure confused the last few days here in the NW (I guess pretty much everywhere - 80 in Chicago in March, really?!) and we had snow on the daffodils!  In the middle of March!


You'll have to forgive me if I've shared this one before, but these are my 3 favorite people and it's hard to get them together for a challenge photo, so had to run to the archives for this one!

Photographer's Choice:

Oh my, what do I put here?

In between snow flurries this week I did manage to get over to my favorite little hidden gem of a garden and see what's starting to sprout.  Not much yet, but I do love the contrast of this red plant growing out of this old stump.

Enjoy the images from others at Ashley Sisk's site.


  1. Love the daffodil and photographer's choice. Suzy

  2. Love all the photos here, cute baby!! what is that nice red plant - some kind of epidemium? Old stump is beautiful. xox Corrine

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Love your vintage shot - what is the IA challenge? Also love your daffodil photo...I always feel so bad then the flowers get snowed upon.

  4. I love that pic of you and your Mom & Dad. That is priceless and a keeper. Snow on the daffodils make such a beautiful shot, but it's sad to see them get so cold. We have just broke every record for a string of 80 degree days in a row at this time of year.

  5. Love your nature's own shot...so beautiful!!

  6. What a great vintage shot - very cute of you!

  7. Anonymous6:34 PM

    love the daffodil shot with the snow!

  8. I love these scavenger hunts. So much variety in what people see. You always have such great shots. I've yet to get myself together and participate. Perhaps one day... xx


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