lettering love journal - four pages

Here are the first 4 pages of my lettering love journal - I showed the background pages a week or two ago and have been working on them kind of randomly.  As with most things, I'm finding some pages are more successful than others and I still need practice judging how much space the words are going to take.  Since this is only volume 1, I'll have plenty more opportunities to practice!

The cover - simple and easy.

Inside cover, bright and I chose words to set the tone for the rest of the pages.  As suggested by Joanne I used decorative duck tape to bind the pages - it's the black/white on the right.

Pages 2 and 3 are narrower.....

Oooops - crooked tape below....

And page 4, facing the 'joy' page, is back to the standard width.

Here's an example where I started the letters too big necessitating a crunch adjustment at the end, making the word (reward) hard to read.  Bummer.  I actually liked the way 'reward' was going til it got all crowded!

I'll be back with more pages when they're done - maybe end of the week?


  1. Your pages look great Terrie and so does the lettering........so not easy to do. x

  2. Love your pages Terrie! I can't wait to pick up some new pens and get started on the course. Once again you've inspired me to sign up for something. You just make it all look so easy xx

  3. Love the pages, and the lettering is great! Valerie

  4. nearly everything I've ever written by hand ends up like your smooshed "reward" - I'm weak in spatial planning! your lettering looks great. I especially like the word Wonder with the white lines and dots.


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