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I finished up my 4 letters for March (actually early for a change) for the A Letter A Week project.

As a reminder for those just finding me and this project, the 'rules' are to make the equivalent of a letter a week - drawn, painted, stitched, beaded, carved....whatever medium you choose - on a surface that's no bigger than 3" square and then to be mounted, framed, booked, displayed in some way.  At the end of the year I'll have two completed alphabets.  One of the two alphas should have a "spotty" theme and thus the splatters of watercolor paint on my drawings. I've drawn the alphabet, kind of adapted from some font on my computer, then tangled away......hoping the letters don't get lost in the designs.  The black ribbon will wander through all the squares, tying them together even more.  Watch the progress of everyone over at the website...


  1. What a great idea...I have just started learning the Zentangle language this past year....well actually I filled up a journal and I love it...I really enjoy using markers and making them colorful but like the black as well....

    These four you have done are great....I like the fact that at the end of the year you will two alphabets completed....Great work...

    When I read your profile, I thought that could be mine...we do a lot of the same things. It seems right now my new creative endeavor is photography but then who knows next wee.....

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I love the lettering, and to think you will have couple of alphabets at the end of the year is awesome. Very cool Terrie.

  3. Gorgeous once again Terrie! Guess that means I better get on mine... Love the letter "i" and "j"...and all of them! TGIF!!

  4. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Wow what an ambitious project. Incredible planning with the black ribbon wandering through. Bravo!
    Stay inspired!

  5. Great idea with the little letters! Valerie

  6. I love this letter series. each one is it's own work of art, but they will look so cool together when the alphabet is finished. Got a lovely lovely envelope of goodies from you yesterday. thanks so much! I get the BEST mail!

  7. Terrie, your letters are great. I can't imagine how long it took you to add such lovely detail. Well done!! :)


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