collage monday

Donna over at Simply Me shares her journal pages and collages and today threw out the challenge to create a collage in monochromatic colors.  It just so happens that this weekend I made my first "scrap" collage using up some of the bits and pieces of paper on my work table.  And, it's pretty monochromatic.  My double journal page from the weekend:

Okay, maybe not as monochromatic as I thought (Donna's was much more green...though you could use any color) - I thought it was mostly green but I forgot that I laid down the watercolor background, which is mostly blue.  Oh well - it's a lot of green :)

I used scrapbook papers, bits of my junk table protector paper (the spattered stems), a piece from an address book (the circle of floral), etc.  It actually was a pretty fun exercise.


  1. Wonderful pages--so much beautiful texture. You can't help but smile. And what lovely lettering...

    Thank you so, so much for your kind comment on my last post. Those quotes are fantastic. I so appreciate you sharing those with me. Hugs.

  2. Just catching up, this is so much fun and makes me smile! xox Corrine


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