abstract mixed media

I don't know if this piece is mixed media or collage, since I've painted over layers of book pages, but whatever it is, I think it's done (for now).  It's inspired by Jane Davies, author of Collage Journeys, and her video about working large. My "large" is a 16x20 canvas, my color palette, white, black and a craft acrylic paint celery green or similar, and then a bit of veridian green for the teal highlights.

I started with some random marks and drips made with india ink.  Then I added lots of torn book pages around the lines (forgot to take a picture of that stage).

I smooshed around the black and white making all those delicious grays.  The bits of gold/orange are the book pages peeking through and the warmer spots of gray are with the celery green added.

I softened the darkest blacks in the upper right, covered more of the canvas and adjusted the lower right corner tones.  I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm liking it.

I added some bubble wrap dots (large bubble wrap) and the teal.  As I lived with it a day on the wall, I noticed that the design is clearly separated into quadrants and there's a "focal point" in each one.  Not liking that - the eye doesn't know where to look.  A revision is in order.

I redid the upper left corner, making it quieter, added another horizontal line at the bottom to strengthen the composition and keep the weight at the bottom.  Now it's on the wall for a bit to make sure it's done.  Here are a couple of detail shots:

I feel like I had a productive, successful weekend!  I'm open to any and all comments/suggestions for improvement/observations, etc.  What do you think of the composition?  the tonal variety?  the textures?  how can I improve my efforts next time?  

By the way, be sure to visit Jane's site - she is truly an inspiration and offers lots of online classes.


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    This is really striking--have to admit that grays aren't usually my thing, but these really are delicious (good word!)--I love the pops of teal, too!

  2. oh Terrie, this is fantastic! and I like hearing your thoughts on the composition - that part is such a challenge for me (which of course is why I'm taking that class right now...). I thought your piece looked great the way it was, but then you revised it and it was even better.

  3. Stunning work! And I love how you showed the stages of development. I would love to have something like this hanging on my wall. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you for not only sharing your process but your thoughts and considerations along the way. This has been a great lesson for us and you've produced a really stunning piece for you!

  5. Well done Terrie! I love seeing the process.


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