scavenger hunt

After missing a couple weeks, I'm back with Ashley's scavenger hunt Sunday.  This week's 5 topics are:

The technology of photo processing - where would I be without it?  (from my archives, notice the hair color difference?)


These photos could also have worked for showing my style I guess - which is all about the mismatch....my mantel decor is always filled with random, mismatched accessories gathered from around the house.  Above I was playing around with several different ideas for a spring look - which do you think I kept?


Not so unusual - my morning routine is oatmeal and a book.  Always, a book.


I often use pieces of sheet music as a background beginning for a collage - I love to have it play hide and seek with whatever ends up on top.  In this case, it was a collage for my mother-in-law who loves horses.

Show me Your Style:

Instead of showing my clothing style - boring and pretty conservative, no cool shoes or bags - I'll show my house style.  This photo speaks volumes (pun intended :) about me.  Filled withh my favorite books, travel and family mementos, it's a map of my life (and my style).

Be sure to visit Ashley's site to check out the multitude of links - there are always such creative interpretations of the topics.....


  1. Great photos Terrie. Love your mantel decor shots - I like your first one best is that the one you kept?
    I have no idea about photo processing so very impressed with your technology shot.

  2. Lovely photos! The great loves of my life are books, art and music, and my apartment is filled with books and collected odds and ends, too! Valerie

  3. Great shots...love Technology!

  4. I love your bookcase style! I need to jazz mine up more! Great technology shot too!

  5. Your collages are beautiful!

  6. Okay, I need to learn the technology behind creating that first shot! Very cool :)

  7. Technology is so clever - I love that.

  8. Love your bookshelves...super awesome! Very creative using photo technology as your prompt! All around great pictures!

  9. love your technology photo! i had fun doing photos like that in the past ;D

  10. Love your music shots, very creative work you do.

  11. Great set. Love your style pic.

  12. Love the first one, 'Technology'! Would love to learn how to do that! Great photo :)


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