don't give up on me!

If you've sent me a postcard in the last couple months, THANKS - and it's in this stack.  See it?  I'm woefully behind, but I WILL respond - don't give up on me!  I'm working on it.......

discovery: Mel McCuddin

"Process, process, process...if you don't like your painting process then there's no point in painting."  - Bob Pennycook.  On Bob's blog today he shares a video about artist Mel McCuddin and his painting process.  

It's fascinating to watch how he starts from random globs of paint smeared around a canvas and ends up with a painting......His process is a good example of how to begin by covering up all that white and then see where the colors take you.  It also ties in perfectly with my current Jane Davies Lesson 3: Shapes!  Fellow students - check out this video!

Art by Mel McCuddin


365 /3 continues

I'm happily working along in the Jane Davies 100 Drawings class and learning lots.  That's probably going to be the bulk of my 365 project work for the duration of the class since each lesson takes such a time commitment. My other commitment to myself is to continue the Documented Life project.  You can see it here as well as on instagram (#dlp2015).

#15 - DLP - prompt is to use gesso to cover a blank page - I chose to use my black and fill in (to reinforce!) some of my goals for this year

#16-18 - lesson 2 of Jane's class....continuing instruction in the use of line and layers.  She shares many of these techniques with quick videos on her blog - and her layering tips are so very helpful.  I made a dozen paintings - here are my 6 faves though I don't necessarily love them all..... (all done on 9x12 80# Blick cheap drawing paper using acrylic paint and various black marking tools)

Though the 2 above started life as verticals, they soon pulled me to horizontal.

The one on the right is my fave of the dozen I painted.  I feel like it's the most successful use of layering and line, interesting without being boring or too busy.

I think both of these have possibilities and I may rework them a bit to see if I can pull something more finished from them.

That brings me up to date for now.......hope you find time to make this a creative week!

365-3 keeping busy

Trying to keep up with my daily art practice.....

#6 - documented life journal pages for this week -use a book page:

#7-12  - some of my efforts from lesson one of the Jane Davies class I'm taking.  I was lucky enough to win a drawing for a spot in her popular (and fills quickly) class 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper. My goal with this class is to get in the habit of producing art - somewhat in a series - but more that I create in volume. I want to "get over myself" and paint with the idea of learning, practicing, developing, improving......and that happens best with volume.  So here I go......  Line & Layering

My tools: acrylic paint, calligraphy ink, sharpie, graphite stick and crayons, oil pastel, paint markers in black and white, micron pen, graphite pencils, brayer & brushes.

Looking forward to what next week's class will bring and wondering if I'll find time for other artsy endeavors.......  Have a creative week!

365 year 3

Here I go again - 365 artsy endeavors- one for each day......for the third time. Last year wrapped up with completing four gratitude journals that I gifted though I didn't show all the pages.  This year is starting off with another couple of journals.  We're going on a European vacation later in the year with some friends so I embellished a travel journal for each of them as a gift.

#1 and 2 - journal pages with washi embellishments and pockets for collecting 'stuff'

#3 and 4 - I got off track last year and didn't finish my Documented Life (DLP) project but I'm rededicating myself for this year...... They've changed it up a bit and are offering a monthly "theme" with weekly inspiration.  The January theme is "goals" with the first week to use book pages in some way.

I made a background with smooshed inktense coloring, painted a bunch of book pages and cut petals.
I tipped in a page to keep a list of art goals.

#5 - wip mixed media piece......just started.  I taped off the edges but realized I did it backwards and should have done a first layer of paint all around, THEN taped off I have to figure out what to do with those white edges.  Ooops (as Carolyn Dube would say!)

And so my artsy year begins........  Hope yours is off to a great start!

Happy 2015!

Doors - open or shut? encourages you to wonder about the story behind the door.....

Passageways - leading to new ideas, new explorations..........

Doors - inviting, welcoming, sometimes inspirational


Doors - can a door be a muse?

Passageways - mysterious but providing clarity, winding and full of surprise............

All of this is what I wish for all of us this year:  doors opening to opportunity, to inspiration and passageways leading to fun, exploring, and creating.  I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.