week 40 of 365/2 (part 1)

Sep 29 - Oct 5

Running a little behind on my 365 project but here's where I am so far.

#271 - 275 -   gratitude journal pages; pen & inktense colored pencils

I'm working on several journals to gift and there will be doodled pages, scrapbook paper pages, pockets, quotes, and whatever I can think of (and have time to finish).  I'll share bits and pieces here and a more complete look when they're done.

photo spotted: nature

Hanna has once again offered a theme and reason to wander through our photos - to "spot" a theme in how we take our photos.  This month is a hugely broad theme of "nature" - to refine it a bit, do you see a sub-theme in your photos?  A color, a season, water, trees, rocks, whatever, that you return to again and again?  Since I have about a million nature photos, this was tough.

Maybe roses?

Maybe trees?

Maybe mountain vistas?

Maybe close-up nature textures?

Or, how about gorgeous gardens?

Mother nature is so endlessly changing, so often dressed in her finery, she creates such beautiful, colorful settings - how could we mere mortals NOT love her in all her glory?  We try to capture and interpret the beauty with our cameras, our paintbrushes, our pencils and collage pieces. We find inspiration in her vistas and the teeniest of details.

Thanks Hanna for once again giving me an reason to go back and sort through some of my favorite photos.  Why don't you take a moment and look through your nature photos - and then share with us?

wordless wednesday

Inspired by Carlene & Right Brain Planner


advice request

Dan and I are in the midst of planning a trip to Paris, Avignon/Arles and possibly London for next year.  Having never been, of course we plan on seeing the major, big-name, must-see places.

What I'd love from you guys is the out-of-the-way, fun, unexpected, charming places that you've found.  Dan and I never take tours and like to explore cities on our own.  But, a little direction or suggestions about your favorite place to eat, to people watch, to sit and absorb the city....whatever, would be so appreciated.

We'll be in London 4-5 days and Paris 8-9 days and then maybe a day or two in south France.  What should we see?  Where should we go?

You can respond here in the comments or send me an email to  I just know some of you out there (yes, even you lurkers! :) must have some great ideas to share!

Thanks in advance - I just know your suggestions will make this an even better trip........

Terrie (and Dan - he'll appreciate the ideas too!)

week 39 (part 1) of 365/2

Sep 22-28

Here's what I've been playing at lately:

#265 - practicing some lettering in my moleskin

#266 & 267 - more of my 4x6 lettering play/practice

#268-270 - I have a plan - a Christmas gift plan - to make a gratitude journal for a few family members.  I thought of it in the spring but, of course, I'm only just now starting. In order to finish it in time, I've had to simplify my plan a bit.... I'll share progress now and are some border pages drawn on bristol - think I'll be adding some journaling lines.

Have you started thinking about making holiday gifts yet?  Only 12 weeks to go.....

pinterest love: abstract shapes

This blog is about sharing....usually my efforts, but I have so much great inspiration on my Pinterest boards, that I'm having fun sharing some of those pieces here.  Maybe you'll find some inspiration too.....  This week it's all about art using abstract shapes..........

My board for even more ideas:  Pinterest - Art: Abstract Shapes

Rex Ray
Rex Ray - I love his use of shapes and color.  Love.

Green Painted Eggs fabric by candyjoyce on Spoonflower - custom fabric
A fabric design on Spoonflower.

Fragile, Bruno Haas, abstract painting
Fragile by Bruno Haas.

Kurt Nimmo.
by Kurt Nimmo - I found him on flickr years ago and continue to enjoy the evolution of his art.

"Blue and Gray I" abstract in circles, blues by Susan Finsen.
Blue and Gray by Susan Finsen.

Kitty Sabatier
Kitty Sabatier   I love her style - lots of mark making and wonderful shapes, primarily in blacks and grays.

Anna Barne.

Sandra Kelch

Scribble Bounce #2, 7"x22" by Jane Davies
Last but not least, Jane Davies.....I love her style of abstraction AND she gives lots of free tutorials and videos on her site as well as an extensive class offering.  I've taken one in person (wish I could take more) and thoroughly enjoyed myself and her style of teaching.  

I have shared some of my other art boards - Stripes, Circles, Dimensional and more.....Check it out if you're interested.......

week 38 of 365/2 (part 1)

Sep 15-21

Was on vacation (to Whistler - will share some photos later) last week and took some art supplies with me so I could continue my efforts at daily practice (or at least 365 arty things for the year).  Didn't quite always make it daily, but I did some totally new-to-me things that were fun....

#258 -260  I wish I were better at remembering where I find my great ideas or inspiration.....On one of the blogs I follow (if it's you, let me know and I'll add your name here [found it: Valerie @ Visual Blessings]) she posted a video link to David Nicholls who has made a series of very clear videos on how to draw Celtic knots. I've always been intrigued so gave it a try. I LOVED it!  Who can I draw one for Christmas????

#261 - funky sketch attempts in my moleskin in the bar while waiting for the Seahawk game to start...

#262 - Playing with painting ideas, stamp ideas, doodles - I've never had a moleskin before and bought this one a couple years ago to see what all the hubbub was about.  I like the size, texture of the paper, and the cover with elastic to keep it closed.  I don't like the yellow paper color much - it doesn't have to be white, just not so yellow.  Anyway, more moleskin play....

#263 - I decorated a bunch of pages (washi, paint, etc) before leaving and then worked on the ones that appealed at the moment...

#264 - Sketch of a bend in the river w/ a log & rocks, etc., then a snippet of cairn beach below.

My 365 quest continues......hope you're finding time to keep playing and creating!