week 32 for 365/2 (part 1 &2)

Aug 4-10 - by the way, I'm well over half the year into my 2nd consecutive 365 project and going strong. Hope you're still enjoying following along.

#216 - a couple months ago I participated in a journal page "round robin" adaptation where each participant picked a theme and then we made and sent a standardized size of folio off to each person. My theme was flowers and I received some wonderful pages, which I shared at the time.  As I've been considering how to bind it, I realized I wanted to add my own page to tie it all together.

The folios are made on watercolor paper, so I always used my watercolors on at least the center section - here I just played with splats and smooshes of watercolor then searched out the flower shapes hidden in the splats.  I'm pleased with the results here......

#217 - front and back pages:
The front fold and what will be the front of my book has the word flowers (it's punch-out letters from scrapbooking), stamps, patterned paper and my artistamp from the MMSA swap.  On the back page, keeping with the grid idea from the front, I just sketched some random flowers, added a poppy washi, and gave the details of the swap.  Now I just have to bind all the pieces together - I'll show you the result when I get that done.

#218 - I ordered 12 new colors of Inktense pencils from Dick Blick and they just arrived - I'm in heaven!  I just love doodling/drawing with a pen, coloring with Inktense, and painting with my water pen.  (drawn in my documented life journal)

#219, 220 - some gelli print play for a swap.

I made lots so I could pick 10 different, hopefully interesting, prints to send to my swap partner.....

#221, 222 - a couple more lettering "art" pieces on index cards - playing, playing......

All sorts of fun playing, experimenting, trying all sorts of things.  This is sure fun!  Take time to play!

photography: spotted - animals

Hanna has a great idea (one of many good ideas! - sorry I forgot to link to you earlier!) - periodically she trolls back through her photos and "spots", notices themes or similarities in style in her photos.  Over the next few months she's encouraging us to do the same - follow her monthly theme and see what's lurking in your photo stacks.  I keep, sort, and tag my photos in PSE so here are a few of my favorite animal photos.  Thanks for the encouragement excuse to share some of my pics!

Taken in St. Augustine, FL, this peacock is going all out to impress the lady - wonder if it worked?

Hiking along a river in Oregon we managed pictures of a number of critters and birds......

 Dan feeding deer that came right up to our condo deck while vacationing in Oregon.

Our cat, Tigger.

And to wrap up my animal round up, here's one I took of my mother-in-law with her horse a few years ago.

Take a minute and scour through your images......what are some of your favorite animal pics?

Oh, had to share just one more; it is summertime after all!

pinterest recognition: floral art

Continuing my exploration of my own Pinterest boards, this time I thought I'd share from my Art: Flowers board.... I absolutely adore a gorgeous flower.  I was a florist for 5-6 years and I found joy and pleasure working with the colors and textures of flowers and greens through the various seasons.  I'm somewhat stunted in my ability to draw more than a simple daisy-type shape, but I can sure admire those who do it so beautifully......

Georgia Okeefe
What exploration of floral art wouldn't start off with Georgia O'Keefe?  A genius!

Don Rankin
Poppies (Study) #4 
Don Rankin

by nebo peklo
Nebo Peklo on Flickr

exploded flower: art project
Exploded flower from Focus on Fiber

Iceland Poppies by Ann Mortimer
Poppies on Redbubble    OR

Poppies on Blue by Patty Baker

Dina Wakley (
Dina Wakley

Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson, artist
great collage/paint flowers by Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson

Thanks for browsing - hope you found something inspirational.  You can visit my boards on Pinterest here.

week 31 for 365/2 (part 2)

July 28 - Aug 3

I loved participating in ICAD again this year (my 3rd year) and though I fell behind a couple times, I really wanted to finish so made the time to catch up.  The other sort of on-going project I started this year is Documented Life Project (DLP) and that one I have a bit more trouble staying on top of.  I've just never been much for daily journal writing so I've been trying to simplify it and just follow the kinda works but I quickly and easily fall behind.

I think the last time I showed you a DLP page was week 28 so here's 29.  The theme for the week was "wish" - I have a couple of wishes scribbled in my circles - the main wish around this house is for Dan to find work.....he's been unemployed for over 2 years and though we'd love to retire, the funds just aren't there yet.  So - we need a job......if you hear of something, let me know! :)  I kinda like my circle theme (we're goin' round in circles!) and my date buttons turned out pretty cool. Colored in with inktense pencils.

Here's DLP for week 30 - theme here is to make a smash page of items gathered from the week.  Well I kinda sorta know what a smash book page is - basically a collage.  So I hung onto receipts and miscellaneous stuff and made a quick and messy collage:
I have receipts from Barnes & Noble and Chico's where I found a great bargain, we were camping at the beginning of the week so bits from the park brochure and price stickers from my yard sale the following weekend.......

I liked working in the ICAD format quite a bit for quick experimenting - my cards were 4x6 (plus that's the perfect postcard size when done!), so I've come up with a plan to work on my lettering.  I'm going to continue to use the index cards and see how many ways I can write "art". I hesitate to put a timeframe on it - that's a bit restrictive with my other commitments so it'll just be an ongoing project.......  First efforts:

Hope you're having a dynamite week and just enjoying the hell out of your summer (or whatever season you're in).

week 31 for 365/2 (part 1)

July 28 - Aug 1

Wrapping up ICAD - I have actually finished a few other things so they'll start to show up soon but I wanted to finish out this 61 day challenge.

#209, 210 - ICAD 56, 57

#211 - ICAD 58, 59

#212 - Final ICAD cards #60, 61

This last card is made with new washi tape that came in the mail today - Yay! These all came from Pretty Tape on ETSY - she has a great selection and reasonable shipping.

And here's all 61 ICAD cards spread out......I made some in there that I really like and need to go back and explore on a bigger format - let's see, I'll just add that to my to-do list, shall I????  :)

week 29 & 30 for 365/2 (part2)

July 14-20 and July 21-27

This will be a picture heavy one to catch up on my ICAD posting.  I've been keeping up with the making, just not the posting.....same for my 365 project - skim through and see if any catch your eye......

#198 - ICAD 44, 45 - a collage of cardboard, gelli, deli and table scraps; bottom is a doodle - like how it turned out.....

#199, 200 - ICAD 46, 47
one staple collage
#201, 202 - ICAD 48, 49

#203, 204 - ICAD 50, 51

#205, 206 - ICAD 52, 53

#207, 208 - ICAD 54, 55

That's a wrap for now....I'll share the final few next time.

pinterest love: dimensional art

As a self-admitted pinterest addict, here's a peek at some of the pins I've accumulated.  Here are a few from my Dimensional Art board.

15 plastic bags,sewn together with gestures of joy. Ines Seidel
Ines Seidel - made from 15 stitched together plastic bags.  Her blog is filled with delightful stitched paper constructions.
Asian Scroll . Donna Watson
I've been a long time fan of Donna Watson's wonderful style.

Captured Magic - fabric, rocks, stitches
Stitching, fabric, felt stones, etc. by Sharon McCartney.

Calendar (by Diane L Wright)
"Calendar" by Diane L Wright

gwendolyn plunkett  Box covered with various papers, wax, paint rags, and twine with burned-in holes.
Gwendolyn Plunkett

Protector's Three-01 by Brian Somers
I love the idea of adding rocks and sticks and natural elements to a canvas.  Brian Somers.

STICKS, wrapped, painted, hollowed - what a textural delight
Wrapped sticks - LOVE this idea.... Bridget Hoff

weaving with scraps
A really fun idea - collaged weaving....will have to give it a try.  Laugh, Paint, Create

You can see more things on my Pinterest much fun to be had!