365/3 continues

#103 - 108

Yes, I've fallen a bit behind - so sue me!  I had a bit of a creative melt down, but I'm recovering and I'll get back on track.  Here's the last pieces I did as part of Jane Davies' composition class.

A focus on circles - in different scales.

Circles and lines - unity in repetition, but also variety in scale.

I wanted to experiment with one oversized shape - it seemed to need filling so.......more circles.

The point of this lesson was to explore pattern and scale - include a variety of patterns with a variety of scale.....I found this relatively easy and lots of fun.  You can see the evidence of my 100 drawings on Cheap Paper in this series - primarily because it is a series.....I made many (some didn't make it to the post) and kept experimenting and trying to answer "what if" - the artist's perennial question!

Hopefully I'll be back to creating and posting on a regular schedule again.  Stay creative!


I've made a discovery about myself.  While I love creating, making art, taking classes to learn and motivate me, I have a limit.  I took two back to back classes with Jane Davies.  That was my limit. I can keep a 365 project going by missing a day here or there and doubling my projects to catch up.  But I have to say that the creative energy and thought and effort into those lessons just wore me out.

Since the classes ended I've hardly entered my art room and it's been several weeks!  Yikes.  But, I'm feeling restless again.  Ideas are swarming. Jo's work is inspiring me to get back "on the horse".  I want to have painty fingers. I want to add to the paint spatters on my shirts. It's time to pull out paints and glue and paper and see what happens.

I'm being called back to my art room.

365/3 continues #98-102

I feel like I've been away forever!  But I've been keeping busy with my Jane Davies class work in Dynamic Composition.  This week was all about the cruciform - an exciting style that has intrigued me for a long time......and now I'm forced to get out of my head and actually give it a try.

I started by creating the basic shape in collage using my own gelli prints and a few magazine pages - then painting, obscuring, making some marks, used some bubble wrap or stencils, scribbled with graphite, stamped and whatever else grabbed my attention.  The whole process was quite fun.

I think the one above ended up straying a bit too far from a cruciform shape - the side arms are too far apart which means the central core of a focal area isn't there.  The crimson dribble down the center was the result of a leaky bottle of ink and my attempt to deal with it :)

On a personal note, Dan has a job!  After almost 3 years of unemployment and discouraging job hunting, he is employed as a management consultant here in Seattle.  Woohoo!  It's been a tough few years at a time in our lives when we expected to be almost retired.  With the serious depletion of our savings over the last few years, that won't be possible for a while, BUT hopefully we're back on track.  He's been working for 2 weeks and feels like the job is a good fit for him and his skills.  We're so thankful something has come along that provides us with income again, but just as importantly, is something he'll enjoy doing.

365/3 composition

I'm continuing with lesson 2 of Jane's Dynamic Composition class - this week we're working on abstract landscapes - a combo of collage and paint.

#94 - 97 - I'm sharing my starting point & my finished pieces.  If you'd like some guidance and tips on creating a variety of compositional styles, I'd definitely recommend taking Jane's class - she offers such great feedback.

#1 - start
#1 finished

#2 start:  collage on 9x9 white square

#2 finished:  All that random collage made for some great texture in the lower half of the piece - tried to create more contrast with the addition of the black handmade papers but think it's too harsh.

#3 start:  created my horizon just on a 9x9 white background.

#3 finished:  Added some text collage on top of the original collage to beef up the contrast and created texture by scraping stripes through the wet paint.

#4 start:  A 9x12 collage over painted background.

#4 finished:  Though I like this one and think I've created some interesting textures top and bottom, I'm not sure I created enough drama in the horizon line - this one might need a bit more work.

Thanks for browsing my site - hopefully you're inspired to try your own mixed media abstract landscape! Have a creative week!