week 29 for 365/2 (part 1)

July 14-20

#195 - ICAD #40, 41 - acrylics, stamps; inktense "stitches", lettering

#196 - ICAD #42, 43 simple do-in-front-of-the-TV cards.....micron & watercolor pencils

#197 - MMSA favorite city postcards- I cut up a visitor map for Barcelona as my base and added one of my photos for the sightseeing place on the map.  Top one is Parc Guell designed by Gaudi, well known for his architecture and love of mosaic.  This is a mosaic bench back in the park - so very cool!  Next one lower is Sagrada Familia, the famous church he designed that's STILL under construction and is an amazing vision.  Next down is another Gaudi designed building and finally a closeup of some tile on a museum column.
Though I live in Seattle and absolutely love it and would recommend you all come visit it, as a traveler, Barcelona is far and away my favorite city - I love the striking architecture, the food, the colors, the vibrancy of the city and the ease of finding your way around.  If you ever get a chance to go, GO!

A few of my pics from our visits (we've been twice) and unfortunately, photos before we owned a digital camera, so these are scanned in.

I'm on the mosaic wavy benches in Parc Guell, designed by Gaudi.  It's an amazing park, full of surprises and color.  (my hair wasn't always white! :)

A couple of the spires from Sagrada Familia.  It's the most unusual church design....odd and kind of creepy in some ways, but amazing for it's originality and design vision.....

Barcelona architecture.....
I'll be interested to see what other cities get chosen for this MMSA sure and check out the upcoming themes - Karen keeps us challenged and it's always so much fun to get the postcards in the mail.

week 28 for 365/2 (part 2)

July 7-13

#191 - I started a new mixed media painting.....abstracting a piece of one of my photos....this is definitely a work in progress but I'm liking the start.  The orangey/golden color is painted over modeling paste for some fabulous texture.  It's the first time I've used modeling paste and I'm a fan.  I love the little peaks and points I was able to get and the visual texture is just fabulous.  I want to use it on everything! :)

Here's the picture I'm abstracting - a fender and panel from an old, rusty car.

#192 - This week's Documented Life pages: use a small (or Instagram) photo. I used 3 - one of me, one of
gelli prints and a rose....all pics I took.  I'm recording the temp and as you can see, we're pretty warm for Seattle.....and lovin' it.  Summer is finally here!

#193 - I've been keeping up with ICAD too, so here's the recap..... #36, 37 inktense & lettering, acrylics & bingo stamper

#194 - ICAD # 38, 39 - collage, washi, stamps

That wraps it for this week..... Hope you're enjoying your summer AND finding time to be creative now and then!

week 28 for 365/2 (part 1)

July 7-13

#188 - a little digital playing with one of my photos - see yesterday for more examples.....

#189 - Documented Life week 26 - a favorite book or bible quote. As much as I read, my brain doesn't work in a way to remember quotes - sometimes I'm lucky to remember what the book is about! :) So I trolled the internet for some quotes that spoke to me from an author I've read extensively.....Stephen King.

#190 - Documented life week 27  - use a bit of crossword puzzle, soduku, etc.  I made a collage and instead of the usual datebook on the left, I did the "currently" list. The purple spray from the other side leaked through - another "oops"!

Now I'm back on track with Documented Life - I'll share my ICADs later in the week.....

week 27 for 365/2 (part 2)

June 30 - July 6

#185 - ICAD #34 & 35, 4th of July quick collage...... and another 1 staple collage with thread and foam and paper.

#186 - I haven't forgotten the Documented Life but I did fall behind a bit (week 25); it's just the daily ICAD seems to take a priority.  Theme for this page - heart.....

#187 - ICAD #36, collage.

Keep creating!

color palette play

One of the things I see fairly regularly around the web are these great color palettes created from an image by pulling out a selection of colors from the image.  I thought I'd give it a try.....

Here's one created from a piece of my art:

By the way, here's the whole piece of art in its current (real) iteration - still definitely a work in progress, but I like this isolated section.  I digitally changed the color palette and added the lettering to a cropped section of the 12x12 painting.

From a photo of mine (macro of dahlias):

And here's one more...... (love rusty old cars - as long as they're not parked in my neighborhood!)

I found that using the PSE color picker there are a zillion colors to pull out of an image and finding a combination that looks good together isn't always easy.  Then where to place them in the strips below so they show to best advantage also takes a bit of work. Think I'll revise my template a bit and put a bit of border around the strips so they have something to contrast against. 

I'm claiming this digital series as my #187 in my 365/2 project.  Because I can.

pinterest love 2

Here it is after midnight, I can't sleep, my sister is sleeping across from my art room so I don't want to go in there and maybe wake her, so computer time it is.  Thought I'd be productive and share more Pinterest love from my boards......I keep reminding myself that not everyone partakes of the time consuming pleasure that is Pinterest and so I'll occasionally share some of my favorite pins here.  Want to see more?  Check out my boards here.

Last week was about stripes, so how about checking out some cool circles this time?

Circles dina wakley 01

Christopher Balder

Hundertwasser artist

karen margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor
She does AMAZING work!

Hoops, Stephanie Kubo
Hoops by Stephanie Kubo  - of course I have to include some doodled circles.

what a great color artist name but found here.

so simple but so cool and distinctive.

Katy Sabatier
Katy Sabatier  (love her style!)

Charlotte Cornish

So there you have it - 10 of my 110 circle art pins.  Aren't you inspired with what you can do with just a simple shape?  Go out and make circle art!  I will if you will! :)

week 27 for 365/2 (part 1)

June 30 - July 6

#182 - spent some quality TV time (ha!) cutting and snipping craft foam for a few stamps.  I found a piece of thick honeycomb cardboard that I brought home from work that I thought would make good backing.  And there's an unexpected's a great backing, nice and thick and sturdy, BUT when I press down to stamp, the honeycomb manifests as polka dots (see the arrows below and the black half circle).  At first I was irritated, then took a page from Carolyn Dube's attitude and considered it a fortuitous "oops"!

#183 - ICAD #30,31  - these backgrounds are 'brush cleaning' papers and one represents summer vacation and one has a floral artistamp I made and a strip of japanese newspaper.....

#184 - ICAD #32 - I love this idea from Tammy and also well executed by Carlene - a one staple collage.  I used bits from my table top and a single staple to hold it all together. 

Hope you're having a great week and a safe and enjoyable 4th!

week 26 for 365/2 (part 2)

June 23-29

#178 - ICAD #26, watercolor pencils & water brush, micron pen - some more pattern play

#179 - ICAD #27, paintbrush clean off on background, washi and white pen word scribble.  the white dots are acrylic paint on a pencil eraser (I saw the idea on Jane Davies's one of her fave techniques)

#180, 181 - ICAD #28 and 29 - paints, stamps, dots, oil pastels,...

My evenings are devoted to ICAD at this point......don't have the energy for much else (lots of overtime at work).  But today I've been productive - I got inspired to make LOTS of postcard backgrounds so can move into card production this week.

Hope you had a great weekend filled with whatever you enjoy doing!

pinterest love

I have thousands of inspirational pictures pinned on Pinterest.  Sometimes it's my guilty relaxation.....watching TV, laptop perched on my lap, half my attention on the tube and half on Pinterest.  Before I know it, I barely know what I watched on TV and I've pinned tons of new inspiration pics.  That I have good intentions of referring to.....that I have intentions of trying out.....that I don't look at again for months!

So, tonight as I was trolling the site, I decided to revisit some of my boards.  Damn there's some great stuff there - so I'm sharing things I find inspiring.

From my "Stripes" art board:

Ice Dance by Linda O'Neill

Gunta Stolzl

Sirin Thada

Erin Ashley

Quilted art by Liz Kuny

Isn't it amazing what great art can be created with stripes.  I have even more cool images on my board.  Check it out.    I'll share more from another board soon.