inspiration journal

A simple, clean, unembellished journal.  Novel concept.  I read about this dynamite idea on iHanna's blog and, as with so many things, it hit at just the right time.  She wrote about creating a 'restraint journal' - a small notebook where you can create simple, quick collages on a plain white background and use up the scraps on your table.  You had me at restraint.  Like Hanna, restraint is something I don't usually practice, but once I got started on this journal, I couldn't stop!

I have a stack of inspiration pieces that I've printed out or cut from magazines and didn't quite know how to save them.  I wanted them accessible but not just stuffed in an envelope or box.  I'd been mulling it over for a week or two and then saw Hanna's blog post.  Genius!

Some tissue paper and a dab of one of my new washi tapes above.

 Manilla envelope pieces made it in a stack above.

 I love Chico's jewelry and advertising pieces!

I love the idea of grabbing whatever is on hand from my pile of scraps and concocting a quick composition.  Key word: quick.  I can play with color, with shapes, not so much with actual texture, but with visual texture.  The best part - I can play with my glue and paper and still watch TV - the best kind of multi tasking!

Michelle Ward advocates it as well:  Create a journal page that has minimal elements, less clutter, and more breathing room. I’m not saying that less is better than more; I’m simply asking you to try it. As we know, there are no rules when it comes to visual journaling.

Thanks Hanna & Michelle!


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Perfect timing for me to see this, too--thanks for sharing it, Terrie! I've been doing a little mini-purge of my art stuff this week and was contemplating how best to keep all of these little inspirational tidbits...now I know :)

  2. I really like your journal pages and yes it is so much fun to do pages quickly. I am always amazed at the results when I do them this way....

  3. Great Terrie, I like the mix of elements and your compositions. xox Corrine

  4. this looks fun to work on, and then fun to LOOK at when you're in need of inspiration. what a great idea. love those manila envelope rectangles.

  5. Love your collages and the idea of an inspiration journal! thanks for sharing this great idea.

  6. I love your pages - encouraging!

  7. What a lovely idea this is - wonderful! I have tons and tons of idea clippings and I never thought of putting them together in this creative way. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is great! I really like this idea! Your pages look terrific Terrie!

  9. These are fantastic pages Terrie! You have such a great eye for composition (as is obvious by your gorgeous photography). This is a great idea. I have tiny scraps coming out of my ears....hmmm.... :-) xx


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