inspiration ave: mail

I haven't participated at Inspiration Avenue in awhile but as I saw some of the entries being finished for this week's mail challenge, I put my thinking cap on.  I had several ideas:  picture of postcards I've received from blogging friends, postcards I've made, decorate an envelope artfully, draw a mailbox .....aha! a mailbox.....

That reminded me of a photo I took on vacation last year when we visited the little town where Dan's folks lived for many years, Rockfield, IN. It's a little farming community of a couple hundred people and I took a picture of their post office, on main street - one of about 3 businesses still functioning in town.

I desaturated the image, added PSE filters and frames (thanks for the info Michelle) and a Shadowhouse texture to make my piece of digital art.

One of the best things about Inspiration Ave is how each week so many different interpretations and styles and medium are represented .... I really like all the creativity that shows up at these challenges.


  1. I love how you created for this challenge...Your picture looks old just like the town where you took the picture....

    Thanks for sharing about Inspiration Avenue; I am not familiar with that challenge..It looks like a good one.....

  2. wonderful interpretation!! xx

  3. i love the old time feel of this Terrie! honest to goodness letters are becomming more and more rare and your piece captures that! great work and thank you SO much for stopping by my blog :D

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Great job Terrie :)!!
    Stay inspired!

  5. I also appreciate all the media and interpretations of each week's IA theme. You did a perfect example of the mail. As always, I am impressed with your ability to manipulate digital art to meet your convenience and/or needs. Lovely photo, great filters, and an old-time feel that puts me in a nostalgic mood.

  6. Perfect mail image, love the textures and what a quaint town. Love those little towns. We are so fortunate to have so many around here. xox Corrine

  7. This is a great photo and it reminds me of the post office that is near where my in laws used to live... all around it these luxury developments have gone up as the land has been subdivided but it remains this little beaten up wooden house in the middle of it all, with its old mail boxes out the front... always makes me smile that it is standing proud in Audi land... xx

  8. Super piece, Terrie!

  9. This is a terrific addition to the myriad number of pieces people have submitted to my challenge. I love this addition to the mix. You truly captured the feeling I used to get as a child, going to the post office to mail a package wrapped in brown paper and string, each side covered with wide pen strokes making up the address. We just don't do this anymore but I sure love the memories. Thank you for participating on IA, I totally appreciate it!
    Jenn of www.JustAddWaterSilly.com
    (Inspiration Ave. Member)

  10. Lovely work on the photo--I am always in awe of digital work! The town looks totally charming!

  11. Hi Terrie,
    So wonderful to meet you through Seth's Pulse of Mixed Media tour! I too love the connection of all of us in this wonderful community. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. It's tremendously appreciated! Love the challenges I see you are engaged in- that's wonderful. Your altered post office photo is wonderful- love the aged feel of days long ago! Hope you are up for all the festivities Seth has lined up for his book! Thanks so much again!!

  12. Your photograph captured a feeling of small towns during my childhood. It evokes memories that were captured for me only in black and white. I love this digital photography adventure I'm on and it's wonderful to share work with so many talented people.

    1. Love the vintage feel you've given this image Terrie - great work!

  13. This is great, Terrie. I really like what you've done to this photo. I would buy it in a heartbeat! :)


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