zentangle: starry eyed

I'm still playing catch up and practicing my tangles by playing along with the I am Diva Zentangle challenges.  Week #4 was Starry Eyed so here's my efforts:

Tomorrow is a new challenge (#37 I think) so I have a ways to go to do the past ones....I'm figuring I'll manage a couple a week.  It helps me focus and practice when there's a theme or prompt...... Surely you've figured that out when you see how many different challenge sites I participate in.  I love the community, the friendly folks who comment and share helpful advice, the fun of creating something and putting it out there for others to see (it's my baby steps toward calling myself an .... (whisper) 'artist').  Whether I'm photographing, painting, doodling, stitching, attempting to sketch or whatever - I love the sense of completeness and satisfaction of accomplishment when I finish a project!


  1. Love your tangles, and I know what you mean about the good feeling on completing a project! Valerie


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