More Tigger

I have a perfectly adorable cat - maybe 12 yrs old or so - and discovered she's got a look alike!  If you're not a cat lover (what!?), you need read no further.....  Loui at Mountain Mermaid (in Denver) noticed a previous pic I posted of Tigger and mentioned her's looked the same.  I was skeptical, but when she posted pics of her kitty, it's true!
Judge for yourselves.

My Tigger:  (she likes to sleep on my shoes!)
Her BeBe:

My Tigger: (who never goes outside!)

 Her BeBe:  (clearly loves the outside)

Once again the internet has shrunk the world and two cat lovers have found they share look-alikes!  Are there any more out there?


  1. AH Terrie!!!
    what fun..
    the pics are delightful!!
    My BeBe,,is a rescue..
    her former owner named her April,
    declared her the cat from Hades..
    and wanted no part of her..
    My daughter called me tearfully and asked please could i take her..sight unseen?
    bring her to me was my response..
    She was maybe 3 yrs when she came to me..
    I immediately dubbed her BeBe!
    thus began our mutual love..
    She is MY cat..spends most of her time near me..or in sight of me..
    we speak a language of our own..
    each grateful for the other accepting and giving unconditional love!!
    yes.. she loves the outdoors..
    but is allowed only on a leash and harness.
    she weighs maybe 5-6 lbs.. hair long and silky..so soft.. never matts or clumps..
    oh yes,, only one front tooth
    sure love my BeBe..
    as you love your Tigger!!

  2. They do look alike!!! And they are both super cute. Unfortunately I don't own a cat since my husband has severe allergies, but - if you can say so - I am owned by the neighbor's cat who has decided that my backyard is her territory. She is white with a few darker patches and super cute as well - all cats are, aren't they? She's also a devil in disguise...


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